Friday, October 07, 2005

I am Present and Aware - Full Stop.

Email Message from Bob S. ( Newcastle area - NSW). I had contact with Bob S. for a few months prior to his Melbourne visit.

Hello Gilbert,
I have just retuned home from my visit to Sailor Bob.
I am present and aware. - The search is over. - Full Stop.
- It's was an amazing week in Melbourne. - So many things happened around me. - My first meeting with Sailor Bob was on Tuesday afternoon - Feels (now) like I have known Bob for years after only a few days. - In the evening I went to the group session and found it an amazing experience after searching alone for all these years. - Seeing others on the same path was enlightening (literally for me). - I woke up Wednesday morning and this understanding occurred - "I am present and aware. - The search is over. - Full Stop".
- Since then people and events have just been bubbling up around me.
- Complete strangers seemed attracted to me and I received life stories and openness and sharing everywhere. - I also went to the evening session on Thursday.
- Again the group session was a gift of sharing.
- One of the people at the evening session appeared again at the airport as I was leaving Melbourne and we are now communicating.
- So many things are happening around me, I was wondering if or when it will settle down! - I am happy to sit with it and see what comes up.
- There is a feeling of contentment and that there is nothing wrong.
- I arrived at Sailor Bob's thinking he was my Guru, but at the end of the week I had REAL-I-zed!
- I AM THAT - and so is Sailor Bob - and You - and the whole manifestation!
- Your comments on the phone came as confirmation to me that what I am is THAT and nothing else!
- Everything is THAT. - I AM FREE! -

- Sending love to you – Bob S.

- The search is over for this seeming individual - Full Stop.


If you are considering a visit to see Bob, then this email above may confirm something for you also.