Wednesday, September 21, 2005

"Everything is clear and Obvious"

Warning: Don't lose your sense of humor! - It may be all you have left - but at least you can laugh.
A Couple of emails:

I've taken a short break at my desk to read your latest posting ("Whatever you do, don't read this note") and found it spot on.
All good teachers, from Buddha ("Be ye a lamp unto yourself") through to today, all say the same thing when it comes to authority in spiritual matters - don't trust anything they or anyone else says, just because they say it, but look for yourself and SEE whether or not it's true.
J Krishnamurti went into all this very deeply, and it's only recently that I've really understood the full import of what he was saying about the need to reject all authority when it comes to 'spiritual inquiry'.
In fact, don't trust anything you say to yourself either!

I regard all my beliefs as tentative at best, and as such always open to fresh investigation.
I really enjoy your articles, especially when they're provocative, since they occasionally tell me where the boundaries of my beliefs are.

Stan T

Dear Gilbert,
The message on the CD and in the book The First Instant cannot be put any clearer!

It's a joy and blessing to read your postings and comments on the website; - funny to see how that keeps the mind from wandering.
The "search" is definitely over; if I don't GET IT now, "I" never will; Nothing to get!
Reading this I just start hollering with laughter, what a relief.
Is "Everything is clear and Obvious" out yet? I'd like to order it, but I could find no reference to it on your website. - I now see that I don't "need" it anymore, but it'll be fun to read it anyway; thanks so very much, warmly, Michiel.

Gilbert reply: Thanks for the email. - No, the second book will not be out until nearer the end of the year, if at all. How few understand direct expressions. Most want it cooked in their prefered flavors and served on a platter, so they can convince themselves that they are 'special'.

A Point: Humour is only for those with a sense of humour: