Sunday, September 18, 2005

Silent looking - emails

Note: Check out Bob's interviews on the Podcast by Cameron - link on Bob's page, on my 'shining' website. There is a great deal of info' in these if one pays close attention.

D.. emails Gilbert after reading some of the website notes:
- Hello Gilbert - Is it so, that when I'm behind my thinking, seeing it happening in front of me, that I am awareness. - Just as looking at a tree, house or whatever. - I ask you because, thoughts come and go, sometimes I react, sometimes not. - When I'm `deep' looking, I have a very strong energetic feeling bigger than my body, impersonal and very silent. - Is this the un-speakable? - I ask you because last week I read for the first time that there is nothing like non-duality. - This I recognized deeply for the first time since I began to read, so-called, non duality books. - Sorry for the poor English (it has been corrected for this webpage), I was always better in Mathematics. - Greetings D…

G: Yes! You ARE, NO 'thing'- There is No teacher - no teaching. The Non Dual is Unspeakable. - As my teachers, Guru’s guru points out: You are the silence and stillness out of which springs the entire universe. - It is all only an appearance in ‘no thing’. - The ‘psychological one’ who does not know this, cannot know anything at all. - It all a mirage - seemingly powerful, yet no more than a fleeting butterfly. - Your true nature of silence engulfs everything constantly. - There is NO entity there to know this. - KNOWING is what you are - and KNOWING never ceases. - Do not fixate on what I am telling you. - Let it flow. In this personalized form, I am simply a messenger. - Warm regards - Gilbert.

D: Thanks for the quick reply! - But, why is it that I'm falling back in the dream, the joke of God. - I know that I am That but the thinking seems to be so strong that I 'forget' IT. - In mathematics I'm 1 and you're 2, in conversation, but when I'm NO 'thing' there is 0 (zero). - I can't help it, can I?

G: 1 and 2 are ‘of the dream’. - They appear in Zero without touching it. - What you ARE is Zero. - What you think you are is ‘1’. - ‘1’ will always appear while the body is present. - When you drop into a deep sleep ‘you’ return to Zero and the body-mind isrefreshed. - Look into the space where you are seeing from and without manufacturing anything, go all the way back into that space. - Negate anything that arises. - This space of knowing is clear and empty – its quality is Pure Silence. - The quiet ‘hum of being’ appears on this Silence, this non-being, self-cognizing emptiness. - ONE without a second. Being-ness is Samsara (This, this, this etc). Non Being-ness is Nirvana (Not this, not this, not this). As the Buddha says “Nirvana and Samsara are not 2”. Very few understand this. - A handful amongst 12 billion. Everyone searches in the mind. - Error! It is too simple for the mind and you will never work it out with the mind because the mind is only concepts - awareness is non dual. - warm regards - G.

D: So I'm an ‘Imax Theatre’, with my own movie but when the movie is playing I'm just too involved in it. - I forget the white and wide screen and focus on the images that are appearing or even one person that is projected. - (G: Who is involved in what?) - Wholeness is first and everything is appearing in it. - That means thateverything I want to become is just a play in IT. - It is nothing more but keeping myself busy. - That means, I think that there is nothing to do,nothing to become, but just Be Aware. - That's funny, cause the lastmonths I have not the intention to do anything or go anywhere. - The excuse I told to my environment is that it doesn't matter where I am, because it's the same as Here. (I didn't tell them of the 'different' movie.) - I can laugh moreoften of the people and myself in argueing about, so called, important things. - Deep inside me there is a constant silence that tells me that there is really nothing to do. - This silence is becoming stronger. - Is it a slow process that you can't push? - I mean, becoming more aware is a non-personal process?(I seeing it more and more that words can't tell what ONENESS is about!) - greetings from Holland –D.

G: You are Aware. - There is no 'becoming' not becoming 'more' aware. - It is NOT a process!Process means TIME. - Awareness is timeless - non dual. - 'Time' is a concept which appears to divide the non dual into duality but only in the mind.ME’ and ‘other than ME’ - 'here' and 'there' etc. - There is not entity that does anything. - Everything appears spontaneously yet nothing compounds into anything of real substance. - This profundity is totally unbelievable. - ‘Who’ is going to believe such nonsense ‘in life’? - It is not a matter of belief at all and never will be. - All beliefs, piled onto of each other, would not fill the eye of a needle. - The impressions leave an apparent trace, called memory and psychological time is only images and memories and all these can only appear in THIS immediacy. - You may ask why? - Because THIS immediacy is all there ever IS. - When have you truly left THIS? - What you are is the Whole. - Awareness is everywhere - it is your own awareness without any need to claim it as a possession. Even in the ordinary sense of things, where ever you go, as a body, awareness is there and any 'there' is automatically embraced in this ever present ‘here' - which you cannot get out of. - Whatever thought that may arise – it is not IT. - Thought is a pattern appearing on awareness. - Let it appear and disappear without insisting that it gives you anything. - You are complete just AS you are. - 'Who' does not know this? - KNOWING IS. It is not personal. - It is always clear, the unclear is just fixations with the content ofmind - and who is that? No one. - Just a condition response from childhood? - This awareness which was ‘here’ before you learned to talk is the same as this awareness now. - It is the same NOW everywhere. - Appearances shift and change constantly yet what you ARE has never changed - since before the concept of time arose anywhere. - One without a second. Advaita! There is NO need to contrive anything. - The natural state is thought-less, in itself. - Yes thought appear on it -but it is changeless whether there isthought or no thought - it is NON DUAL. - If this hits its mark then there will be speech-less-ness. - Silence overcomes all sound and movement, including all content of mind - and this is happening always. - 'Who' does not know this? - Keep laughing....warm regards - Gilbert.

D: I'm Aware. -This is it. -Nothing more, Nothing less – Complete! - Every thing appears, nothing changes really. - It's only appearing inWholeness. - This is all just Duality appearing in my Non-Dual Nature. So I'm Wholeness. - I am That. - Thanks - to Myself

G: Indeed! - You are 'before' all such recognition. - How did you come HERE? - The Sperm was your father - his name is 'Shiva' (- neg). - The Ovum was your Mother her names are 'Prakriti' and/or 'Shakti'(+ pos). - Sperm and Ovum are 'objects' or phenomena. - In this analogy, you are the mysterious 'third element' (0 neutral) which is not an 'object'. - Be quiet and see from the first instant of being and know that you are even beyond that. - Even in this quietness you may ride on Ganesh's back and eat tigers for breakfast. - Even the 'Dutch-ness' fades away - when the self-centre is drained from the energy feed of belief and conceitedness - and its constant appetite of 'me, me, me' will vanish.- warm regards - G.

D: So, when I am "before" such recognition, it's mysterious and at the sametime so obvious. - It's always here. - When the 'I' is awake or it is asleep, - IT IS. - Everything arises form IT and falling back to it. - Just as the me, my body, my name, the recognition, everything.

G: Sir, from what you say, it appears that you have, from within the confusion of mind, found your way to your own true nature. - Even though you never left it. - This journey is an illusion because you never left your true nature. - Only the imaginary one travels in 'time and space'. - I am formless. - I live this 'condition' now without any condition at all. - I 'appear' the same to all who know me, more or less as I always have. - I am not that or any other appearance! - Some of them would find such a statement outrageous and I can say quite clearly that I am not concerned with what ANYONE thinks and especially that lot. - I am free of all that. - They continue in their internal dramas and try to implicate me in it but to no avail. - Awareness is direct cognition. - Mind is re-cognition. - First instant of awareness (wakefulness) is non dual. - Time (mind) is duality. - The mind arises from the first instant. - It is clear and empty (in essence) and the resultant content is a reflection only - so it is merely an appearance. - Who can't see this? - No one. - So simple! - The one in time cannot see at all. - Seeing it timeless and 'beyond' the seen. - Simply be the seeing.

D: So IT IS So Simple.

G: Yes indeed. - So simple that no one gets it.

- full stop.