Thursday, September 08, 2005

Two emails

Hi Gilbert,Thanks so much for the cd, which I listened to last night.
I also read this morning the free version of your book.
Your style of pointing to this our true nature has real resonance here.
You know, I have been a lifelong, though lazy, seeker.
Now in my fifties, it wasn't until last year, on reading Jed Mckenna's books, that I actually felt the bricks starting to come loose.
Four months ago I pretty much stumbled upon a meeting with Tony Parsons, and the foundations started shifting too.
This led me to books by Leo Hartong, Sailor Bob, John Wheeler and you.
The realization that this is it, and that I have always known it - the obvious and utter simplicity of this truth has brought forth tears of relief and hoots of sudden laughter. Moments of clarity and great ease seem to arise as and when they will, and yet there is still thought here, as it were "confirming" this. So the thought "ah yes, it's so simple" may instantly appear.
Or, "of course - it is always just this . . . ". Such thoughts as these, so that there is the sense that it is still "I" experiencing moments of what is certainly greater understanding than ever before, and which do for that split second seem like pure clarity - but in comes the thought, "ah, yes . . . . " or some such interference.That being said, there is an undoubted sense of ease permeating more and more of my life, and a real dropping away of the need 'to do' and 'to be' other than this that I am.
No sense that much is wrong at all.
Thanks again Gilbert - William

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This book will be followed up by its companion called "Everything is Clear and Obvious".
These unique books will assist in the resolution of erroneous conflicting concepts.
The key: One needs to pay attention, while (seemingly) caught on the wheel of change.
For those who are able to follow what is being expressed in these books, there is a unique opportunity offered.
There is a consistent 'anchor' to the present in its expression.
Life itself actually offers us each moment its immediate message - however some need to be turned around to SEE that. And Seeing is Knowing.
The mind needs to be aligned with its own pure intelligence and the expressions in these books assist in this alignment.
No belief system whatsoever is required to understand what is being expressed.
Freedom has no obligations and no Idols.
Belief is replaced by your own immediate knowing which was always present yet seemingly covered up by beliefs.
All you need to do is read with open mind and close attention.
These books will only be available from me the author.

Hi Gilbert, I’ve been enjoying your book The First Instant.
The pointing is relentless, and very helpful.
I agree with you that it’s attention that allows us to see that there really is no fixed centre, that there is simply content (EVERYTHING) arising in awareness (NO-THING), and that I am both – the ONENESS in 2 aspects, but still only Oneness.
It’s helped clear up the residue from the progressive path of Gurdjieff's.. (which indicates) that effort brings being, (and) develops higher being bodies, consciousness etc.
When it is relentlessly seen, it is obvious that what I (and we all) truly are cannot be improved, increased, refined or anything at all.
It simply IS, and it is perfect, complete and utterly whole. (In this context) Gurdjieff’s teaching is (appears to be) totally dualistic.
I just wonder if he actually missed the point, or if the message has just been obscured by his followers? Well of course he never really existed anyway.
There was no Gurdjieff anymore than there are any other individual entities.
Regards - Steve

Thank you for the email. Who can pass judgment on what or anyone?
It is significant that Mr. Gurdjieff's 'headstone' at Fountainblue in France is an uncarved, natural block of stone, which indicates to me - solid 'presence' which is natural and uncontrived.
Many felt this while in the atmosphere around his living presence.
The 'Work' has its place in the scheme of things. Like all teachings, it appears to serve a purpose. It is a stepping stone. Who can say where it leads? If it leads one's presence of mind back to the immediate and if this is natural and relaxed, then no problem. If it is a tense and painful means, then suffering continues. This psychological suffering is unnecessary. Gurdjieff himself taught the elimination of all unnecessary activities.
Let it Be.
It IS just AS it IS.