Saturday, August 13, 2005

Questions and Answers in the Dream

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Email from India:
Gilbert, I had the blessings & grace of GOD to go through your article on your web site.
It is amazingly very good. Perhaps TRUTH cannot be better pointed out. I am (in non- egoistic-sense) a voracious reader of articles on NON-DUALITY & ever desperate seeking so-called enlightenment. Only your article could bring an element of PEACE & SILENCE.
I am interested to read more of such outstanding articles containing POINTERS.
Regards R

Brief reply: Truth is unspeakable. We can speak of presence and that which knows presence is presence itself.
Another email:
Hi Gilbert,
I hope you don't mind if I ask you a question.

If so, then I will take the absence of a response as your answer.
While we say there is no (individual) "doer" and we can (therefore) do nothing of our own volition then the reverse must also be true that we cannot cease doing some thing either as there is no one to do or cease to do.
Lao Tzu said the ancient masters kindly taught the people to unlearn all they had been taught. Do you think we can unlearn, or be taught, or is the question senseless because there is no one on either side of that?
Or, is unlearning simply ceasing to pay attention to the contents of thoughts (all that was learned - "conditioned")?
If so then, again, who is ceasing to pay attention to those contents?
It seems like "I" have choice here?
Warm regards, J

Gilbert's reply:
Yes it SEEMS like you have a choice - that is the dream - let it be - however it appears. There is nothing and no one to change the dream and yet the dream constantly changes, much like clouds shift and change shape and color. You are not the acquired mind or its conditioning.
All that happens, if anything can be said to happen, is that the content of mind is seen through - WHAT sees through it? It IS THIS Clarity of Empty Mind.
What identity can you place upon THAT?
So, if you attempt to identify with IT in mind - then it is merely more content of mind - and IT, no matter what it appears AS, is forever (timelessly) transparent to AWARENESS.
‘Identification’ is simply fixating consciousness while all along what you truly ARE, The Source of I AM, the ‘authentic being-ness’, is clear and ever fresh.
'Who' is it that does not know this?
Knowing is all there is! It is not an entity!
Bob Adamson says it clearly, yet very few hear it Openly – he says that the mind aligns itself with THE Intelligence (The One and Only intelligence).
If you read Bobs books thoroughly - you will find that it is all there.
His books are the paramount of literature on this non dual subject - that fact and that few recognize that, is just a confirmation of its vivid validity. His 'pointing' cleared out all doubts here in this mind.
If it can happen here for me, then it can certainly happen there for you (in the actuality where there is no 'me' or 'you', not merely as a manner of speaking or concepts).
One in ten million is what I would say is the ratio of those who realize THIS.
The dream is cut assunder!
You are the absolute potentiality of this realization right here in THIS moment - that is why you are uncontrollably drawn to this message – and as the mind aligns itself, then even this ratio (separateness) disappears - and so the One that you ARE is found to be ALL.
I am THAT.
One must realize ones nothingness and in this, all learning takes on a transparent quality - as the Buddha says -"I am Formless”.

'Who' wants to KNOW the answer?
What do you KNOW of your attention?
What is there without paying attention?
What is it that is paying attention? Investigate this.
This mystery reveals itself as Intelligence - pure in its open and unencumbered presence.
It is not personal or limited in its immediacy. Grasping mind covers it with concepts and a habitual fixation and you have believe that that is what you are.

The bottom line is:

It is Awareness that is shining through the mind.

In addition, I will add this:

The Oneness of everything is clear and obvious.
That is why everyone misses it. Who can’t see THIS?
There is no one that truly misses it because that is all there is.
(One can argue over sematic points forever)
There are no entities that don’t see it just as there are no entities that do see it.
SEEING is spontaneously happening. It is not happening to a ‘someone’.
That which is seeing and that which is seen are truly One.
Where are the limits to seeing? There are none! - except in mind stuff.
The pattern of energy, which appears to be in mind is a pretence of an ability to see and know.
Seeing and knowing are beyond these.
A pattern is just a pattern.
Even its apparent limitations are actually unlimited.
The singular source of all is all there truly is. It is suffused with KNOWING.
There is no one that knows this just as there is no one that does not know this.
It knows itself.
Throw your guru away if he or she doesn't point this out clearly. What is their game? Addiction to adoration? Such gurus are just patterns of energy. The heart essence is your own true authentic nature, this is the true guru, which is oneness and so complete unto its vast openness.
Any teacher or guru who does not point to this essential fact quickly is just a mirage and is deluded by attachment to self images etc.
Step back and see for yourself.
All great sages and all ignorant beings are simply appearances in this timeless presence
of what I am.
All there IS, is KNOWING Presence. I AM THAT.

This may appear to be a cold view for some with no love evident.
It is not so. This presence is full of love in being. This clear empty space of knowing is love of self. Not a selfish love attached to a 'me'. Unbound love and the warmth of this self love is the subtle bliss of being.

I know of some who are outraged by such open expressions because it transcends thier fixated view and renders their beliefs useless. No judgment here. I also know that they do not realize that this fixation of outrage, which inhibits their natural presence, is just a bunch of concepts and these consitute the bondage of self (which is conceptual) and these very fixations promotes the delusion of separateness and so suffering and confusion continually unfolds - until it is seen through.

This 'I AM' cannot be negated!

Even in them!