Thursday, July 14, 2005

Presence Awareness

This is a brief extract from the book "Presence Awareness"
The answers are given by Bob Adamson in a meeting held at his residence in Melbourne, Australia. Bob is the teacher who removed all doubts in this mind. Since it has happened here for me, it can happen for you or anyone that opens to the message.
There is a web-page on Bob him on my shining though the mind website, where there is also a link is to his own main website. I Highly recommend it for anyone who has not paid a visit to it.


Bob: What memory have you got right now if you’re not thinking about it?

Visitor: Without thinking about it, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Bob: No. Have you got a memory if you’re not thinking about it?

V: Well no, I don’t.

Bob: Can you anticipate or imagine a future without thought? So you see that when you are thinking about the past, the actual thinking is happening now, presently. And when you are anticipating or imagining the future, the actual thinking is happening presently. So you see, you really haven’t moved into the past, or you haven’t moved into the future, though we think we have, you see. We’re so conditioned to go along with the fluctuations of the mind, we think we are in the past or in the future. But the actual thinking is going on all the time, presently. And this is the actuality. The actual livingness is going on in this moment. You can’t live a moment ago.
You can recall it, but if you recall it, it’s recalled presently. It’s no longer the past. It’s a fresh recollection happening now.

Or...... you can imagine it, but you can’t live in the future. You can imagine the future, but you can’t live in the future. And someone will say "I was in the past" or "I was way ahead in the future," but only in the mind, only in the thought, not in the actuality.
So, that’s why we say, what you’re seeking you already are that.
You can’t be anything other than that, really.
Another extract:

Bob: Right there, right now there is a presence of awareness. Full stop.

Without trying to grasp onto anything. That’s more movement on it.

But that awareness-presence or presence-awareness, whichever way you like to put it. You can look at it both ways.

Presence-awareness: there is awareness of presence, you could say. Or, awareness of the presence of awareness. And that is basically all that there is, and all there ever is.
Just like we use the term "like a mirror." The mirror is self-shining, shining of itself, that reflecting surface on it. Reflections appear in it. Is the mirror concerned whether or why there is a reflection there or not?

V: No, it isn’t.

Bob: Well, is awareness concerned?

V: No


This book "Presence Awareness" is the second book published for those who wish to investigate their own immediate situation.

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