Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Where is Seeing happening?

Still attached? - 'What' is attached to 'what'?
Still trying? - Stop trying!
Be warm towards yourself—that is the primary requirement- Be affectionate towards the consciousness that you are.
That is not an intellectual reflection in the mind - it is in being - that warmth is your true nature - it is not depending on thought - it is prior to thought - yet thought will flow differently once that warmth is resonating through you.
In your search, you may have consumed all manner ideas, concepts, words in books and from teachers.
How is it possible that you may well have missed the clear and obvious nature of your own being?
There is a wonderous conscious presence, intelligence at play and it is not removed in any way from what you are.
It is completely present, not as something you acquired or gained by spiritual practices - it is re-discovered to be present and that it always has been present.
Nothing at all separates you from it.
Let that intelligence advise the mind - be 'open' to it.
It is nothing other than yourself- totally authentic and untarnished by anything that may have happened - it is your true nature.
You can cease to pretend or behave as a victim or a prey to what others think and say.
Look through your OWN eyes and see what is.
As Siddharameshwar says: "Don't try to look through someone else’s eyes"!
(Isn't that what everyone is doing and so much 'life drama' appears to arise from it. )

Attempting to see through another keeps the mind occupied in a kind of hypnosis and so it perpetuates the fixations with that drama.
The 'common mind' is flitting from the past to the future consistently - the present is give little attention - so, be present to what is in THIS immediacy!
What the mind without effort! - Seeing is happening. - Just see what it is doing.
It is as though one drops back into an empty space of knowing, which is always present as an aspect of your true nature - it is beyond any idea of yourself as being a 'seer'—behind or beyond all mind content, thoughts, states, moods or whatever appears in the mind.
Where is SEEING happening?
Is it happening to a 'someone'? - or is the concepts of being someone clearly observed?
Does a 'someone' truly appear in the minds realm of concepts?
Investigate this simple question for yourself.
The clear space called 'mind' is found to be spaceous and empty.
There are no limitations to it.
Knowing this to be what you are, one may understand that 'I am invisible'.
One re-discovers that I am not caught anywhere in SPACE or TIME - at all.
This KNOWING cuts through all stories.
You mostly probablty indulge in hundreds of stories and believe them.
Knowing transcends belief and there are NO exceptions to this fact.

I tell you directly and immediately that not one of your stories are true.
They all come and go. - They are discarded naturally as they are seen though - just like the belief in a mirage of water is discarded once it is seen to be a mirage.
The destiny of all booksis to be reduced to dust.

All knowledge is useless without KNOWING.
The intellect is not the intelligence! - The so-called 'mind' or brain is an instrument of intelligence - just like everything else.
The intellect projects concepts and believes in them and it believes in itself without suspecting the error.

KNOWING is ever present - it is not limited to the instruments though which it functions.
It is NOT somewhere else, it is not some sacred thing, nor is it in the distance somewhere.
It is the heart essence of what you truly ARE - Right NOW.
Where are there any doubts about this, to be found, except as a concept? - Is it not just some idea acquired at some point from 'others'? - Mind stuff?
Look through your own eyes in THIS immediacy!
Look back into that clear space of knowing.
Free yourself from those illusions in this openness of pure seeing.
All there is, is THIS moment—right NOW.
THIS is all there ever IS.
Thse 'pointers' are not found in common worldly knowledge.
You will not come to know this in some promised future time —you ARE already this knowing - right now - this KNOWING - right NOW.
It is NOT a matter of 'WHAT' is KNOWN—it never IS 'what' is KNOWN.
IT IS this KNOWING - and nothing but That!
In your true essence there is no possibility that you could not not be THIS.

So you see - there is really no problem.
To stop re-creating problems all one needs to do is to live from this direct knowing.
It is also your potentiality!
It is not someone else's potentiality. - No guru can give it to you, even if he promises to.
Such promises are just ignorance or self-centred activity, mere tricks of the trade.
Belief falls away in the light of seeing-knowing.
You are THIS timeless 'moment' of 'presence' and you have always been THIS - and further more THIS is all there ever IS.

my warm regards - Gilbert.