Thursday, September 08, 2005

The First Instant - Now available in book form

The highest and most profound truth is seemingly hidden yet so obvious for all of us, including you. - The intellect is a veiling of the pure light of knowing and like a two way mirror; it seemingly obscures the light of knowing. - This happens only through belief in the images and words that appear on this mirror of mind.
- 'Who' is not knowing this? No one.
- The one that does not know is an illusion.
- It does not exist!
- 'Who' does not know this? No one.
- All there truly is, is Knowing.
- As he says: "There are no customers for this knowledge".
- There is no 'knower' forming in this clear dark empty space of knowing.
- This is the profound knowledge that has been traditionally hidden for centuries in inaccessible places.
- There is no danger in revealing this knowledge because it also is an illusion.
- All knowledge is of the past and Knowing is the ever present self-shining light by which YOU see and know.
- When did this light ever fail you?
- Only the 'mindscape' of 'time' and 'entity' have diverted this 'you' which you believe that you are. - It also is an illusion. - It is unstable and forever changeful.
- So how can you find stability in it? - The True Essence of what you ARE is not negotiable.
- It IS. It is Freedom. - Where is the doubt?
- A faint doubt arises, just now, that anyone will understand what is being pointed out.
- That is quickly cast aside because I KNOW that this Essence of Knowing presence is ONE.
- So, you know all this already!
- Stop ignoring the obvious and wake up!
For the few discriminating souls who wish to challenge the intellect to its natural end, a new bundle of copies of my book have arrived. - This new book brings one to the brink of conceptual perception. - One's natural, knowing presence lies beyond this conceptual brink. - Not in an 'outward' direction! Don't imagine it is somewhere else. It is What you ARE!
- Forget about spiritual pursuits. - This opportunity spontaneously presents itself and is made available by a simple means. - However....You can lead a horse to water...etc.
- Just follow closely, at your own pace, what is expressed in this website and the book and/or CD. - I can't tell you how simple this is - because quite frankly - no one believes it, until it is seen clearly. - Then all belief is known to be worthless and is forever subjugated to knowing which IS the First Instant.
- Knowing IS.
- It is truly - so very, very simple.
- The pure energy which throws up this phenomenal appearance is seductive and the mind is engaged with it.
- Be quiet and See.
- It dawns on you that this is what I am, this simple everyday presence - just as it is.
- Presence does not change even though the belief is that it is in flux.
- It is the mind that is vibrating into the myriad 'things' - not Presence.
- When the mind meets its own emptiness, all questions and all possible answers disappear naturally by themselves and it is found to be totally un-encumbered by anything.
- What we normally call the past is transparent and only belongs to memory.
- One realizes that there is nothing to add or subtract from THIS natural presence - presence to what IS.
- All additions and subtractions are simply mind constructs, interpretations or conceptualizations which all simply appear in the clear and empty nature of awareness or mind.
- The dream character is left to its realm of dreams and self-knowing natural awareness comes to the fore - as ones own true identity.
- "I am formless"- That is the essential realization of the Buddha. It is yours also.
- 'Who' is it that makes all the excuses and delays the inevitable?