Monday, August 15, 2005

What a conundrum! The Seekers threshold.

A short preview of some extracts from “Everything is Clear and Obvious”, a companion book to “The First Instant”. It will be published later this year.

Extract: "The light by which you see and know, shines uninterruptedly in the ‘timeless’ realm of What IS.
This is your true identity.
No one can find it anywhere other than right here as the immediate presence that they ARE.
In the dualistic mind the seer and the seen arise as appearances or concept only.
Everything is clear and obvious.
‘Who’ does not know this obviousness?
It IS.
The conceptual ‘seer’ suffers via its own conceptual fixations. Are you that?
The one who suffers is a conceptual being which has no substance beyond being content of mind and its affiliated states in the body. All this is pure energy appearing in patterns nowhere ‘other’ than in this immediacy. Whether it appears now or as a memory in this now, it is just energy appearing as this and that. Awareness is NON Dual and contains no preferences ‘this way’ or ‘that’. It is a stateless openness.
It is just belief patterns in the dualistic mind. ‘Who’ does not know this?

I AM not a concept!
I AM THIS knowing presence – this space of knowing from which this light of seeing-knowing shines forth.
Where is the doubt?"

The First Instant BOOK (Printed) is available now on the 'shining' website. However the first batch has sold out and there will be a delay of several days for a second print run to be delivered here to me. You can still order now and the book will be posted as soon as it arrives here. - Cheers -G.

Note for my dear friend Charlie:
The realization of absolute freedom is equal to the realization of ones own nothingness.
This is a paradoxical point, which many never pass.
As the fixating consciousness appears to lose its individualized limitations through exposure to the news, the message of the true nature of everything, many aspirants of freedom often experience a sense of fear or a grasping sensation.
The habitual fixation reaches for some security of the known.
The past is scanned in the mind, looking for something familiar to grasp and identify with.
This realm of the mind is the bondage of self.
Few 'pass through' it. No harm done.
You are actually beyond it and it is simply a matter of seeing clearly without reference to any mind set.
Even so, desire for freedom re-appears over and over when the fixations abate periodically.
Freedom is the unknown, the unlimited freshness of being.
The fixating consciousness can make no foothold in its empty nature.
Through exhaustion or through clear insight, an opening may spontaneously appear.
One finds that ‘I am not any of these ‘things’ which ‘come and go’. One finds the ever-present, the unchanging solid yet ephemeral ‘actuality’ of presence-awareness.
The brain is awakened on all sides. ‘Inside’ and ‘outside’ disappear. All the senses are found to be operating in a most natural manner without the ordinary minds deliberations interfering. One finds that ‘I am beyond all these appearances’. One finds that ‘I do not need some identity at all’. One finds that ‘I am indeed nothing that can be defined’.
Just as the Buddha proclaimed: “I am Formless”.
Oneness is timeless yet it appears as the ever-fresh unfolding nature of all phenomena.
What a conundrum! - for the seeker.
What is most unbelievable to so many, who pursue the essence of the Non Dual tradition, is that this natural functioning is already present for them. It is only the dualistic nature of ordinary mind, which in its restlessness, it divides constantly. That which it appears to divide is already the duality of appearances which are already unified at the point of their arising – One Source.
And this Source can be said to be nothing but Awareness.
You are Present and Aware.
This fact cannot be divided and whenever you turn towards this fact in the mind, it shines forth naturally.
Most seekers are dull of mind and the intellect is in confusion due to years of exhaustive seeking and over intellectualizing.
Yet this fact is always present: Awareness IS non-dual.
And You are THAT.
Whatever your intellect tells you and whatever unworthiness you believe yourself to be – it is just simply untrue.
The master says “Stop” or “Be Quiet” and (I would add) just see.
You are the pure function of ‘seeing-knowing’.
Then the space of knowing opens as the mind is quiet.
Without this moment of quietness, what other method can possibly bring this open view to the fore?