Sunday, September 25, 2005

THROUGH Vib-ration - The 'Means' of Self-Realization.

If you think that some harm or benefit can be done to one who lives in the Oneness of things as they are, or if you think that something can be added to, or taken away from them, then you have missed the point completely. - Exposing this fact is seemingly painful for some and this pain is psychological pain based on erroneous beliefs. - When all beliefs vanish, then one knows that one is free of their apparent debilitating effects. The error of the seeker is to look for this freedom while hanging onto beliefs and so freedom is subjugated even though it is here all the time as this thoughtless reality. What is wrong with right now, unless you think about it?

During the time of my intense investigation of ‘What I am’ I was assisted by the unwavering presence of Bob Adamson.
He pointed out a whole series of ‘indications’ with patience and warmth.
From the perspective of a mind being tossed around by every influence that comes along, Bob’s stability and stillness in presence was like some unquantifiable quality and its influence was a resonation felt in the deep recesses of the being.
- Meanwhile the mind is trying to put everything in its right place with little success.
- Ever so gradually ‘the waters start to calm’ and my own presence emerged as the confusion and habitual efforts to understand began to subside.
Bob did not lead me by the hand.
- Many essential points were hinted at but I had to make the ‘connections’ myself, so to speak.
Eventually, what began to show itself, was ‘the light of immediate knowing’- ‘my own light’. - Not ‘my light’ as a possession but as the essential fact of a knowing presence.
It is ‘through’ this light that the mind is brought into alignment with its own intelligence.
Bob pointed out a meaning of the word ‘persona’.
‘Per’ means ‘Through’.
‘Sona’ means ‘Sound’.
You can work it out yourself. One needs to actively contemplate these things and not expect to be hand fed. It is only the mind that needs to come into alignment and you must play an active role in that (at least in the begining) otherwise it is just more servility. "So and so' said 'such and such".
- A hint: - ‘through vibration’.
Now it is all very ordinary and yet highly significant and a room full of scientists would discuss the many facets of it for hours and days even.
The fact is a permanent ‘given’ so it is not usually conceptualised. - No concept can capture it because it is non conceptual. - Can you capture a beam of light?

What is written here, or anywhere, is ‘Information’. - ‘In-form-ation’.
Contemplate this a little longer than you might ordinarily do so.
In the ordinary sense, it is by light that we see, .
- In the profound sense it IS the light of self-illumination which 'brings' self-knowledge through itself.
- In the first case, the Sun is the source of light.
- In the second case, it is your Self that is the light
(These two, Sun and Self actually are One, although I don’t expect anyone to agree on that point).
Self illuminating, direct cognition.


I am THAT.

Which means, I am the LIGHT.

- Light itself is the 'mean-ing' of 'I'.

- ‘What’ I see and know, I am THAT also.

It is ONE.