Thursday, September 22, 2005

Cut Through the Dogma Once and for all.

All teachings, no matter how coarse or how refined they may appear to be are all legitimate within the dynamic display of awareness just as it is.
All methods and ways are merely expressions of intelligence in the infinite possibilities of all expressions. - They all appear in Self-Knowing Awareness.
No matter what anyone says about this, this fact is an ultimate fact and there is no one of any lasting substance to affirm or deny it within this Oneness.
There is no ignorance as such. - Shadows cast by the light are not separate, nor independent in any way from Oneness. - How could they be?
The self-centered Teachers and Gurus who repeatedly cast dispersions upon all other teachers and gurus are just displaying the remnants of their fixations of individualism.
These hindrances are passed on to their devotees as imitative attitudes and these are always divisive and so bring a halt to a full self-realization - for themselves and their followers.
Even so, it is all legitimate in the realm of appearances.
"Water finds its own level" - Old Chinese saying.
The seeker with a keen discrimination always finds the appropriate teacher.
The power of resonance leads them to the teacher in one way or another.
All the rest are on a ‘merry go round’ for the duration.
For many it is only with the death of the physical body that brings a dissolution of concepts of separateness.
It’s all legitimate. - Who can argue with it?
What benefit can be made from such an argument? - and for whom?

To those who wish to argue on this I say:
Your opinions fade away on a daily basis. - You manufacture new ones in a willy nilly fashion.
Your knowledge is momentary. - Your castle of sand will wash away with the tides of eternal motion.
All there ever is - is KNOWING.
ONLY this moment is real.
What can you DO with IT?
At best you can only open to it and SEE what IS.
The intelligence which penetrates the ALL, is holding your apparently fragmented separate life together. - It never fragmented in the first place, except for the conceptual being called 'me'.
Pure Intelligence is running the show.
No separate 'you' in any 'place' is doing anything at all.
Maybe this 'you' has ignored this intelligence with fixating preferences for individualized, egoistic notions, fanciful spiritual fabrications and imitations from all manner of spiritual traditions. - Maybe you have cooked up a concoction of beliefs and what of these?
Haven’t they brought you nothing more than endless troubles?
Havn't they kept you at arms length from a full and profound realization?
Whatever the case may be, it is all legitimate in the realms of 'appearances', simply as part of the infinite possibilities and means of Self-Knowing Awareness.
The ‘short cut’ and ‘the long road’ lay side by side in this timeless moment of actualising awareness. - The short cut usually needs to be pointed out by one who knows it intimately.
Look into this matter carefully and let the innate intelligence, which is present with you now, advise you of the true situation.
For some I add this: If your teacher repeatedly indulges in ‘putting down’ other teachers and gurus, then look inside and see what this demonstration feels like in the core of your own heart. How does it feel? - What does it say about the teacher who indulges in this activity?
The good news is that there are teachers who have realized Oneness and so do not engage in such misleading activities or finger pointing.
These clear teachers are direct and profoundly potent. - They exist for your potential guidance. Why not take advantage of their presence while they are still here?
I am aware of only one which I can vouch for and that is Bob Adamson.
All other living 'teachers', that I know of, indulge in some sort of egoism or erroneous concepts of 'time and process' or other fuzziness which clealy demonstrates for this intelligence here that they are misguided. - Even some very popular non dual teachers demonstrate this mind realm entertainment.
Nisargadatta's 'lineage', if we can speak of such a thing, carries a most potent message which is actually inexpressable yet clearly 'present', especially in the 'presence' of the teacher.
- Haphazard teachers do not carry this 'unspeakable' quality.
- For a final elimination of all doubts go see Bob or at least read his books and listen to his CD's etc.
I say this from direct experience and I am free due to this directness which I was introduced to by Bob. - It was here all along but I had ignored its significance.

Note to the Edjakated ! - :
OK, spelling mistakes, so what! - I didn't go to Oxford or Cambridge.
Reading still happens doesn't it? - Try reading some Chaucer! I write these notes in 5 minutes flat and so mistakes are bound to happen. - If a spelling error can get you in a twist, then may God help your tiresome soul. - Am I a lowly descendent of the convicts? It appears so.

- It's only by the 'King's pardon' that I am here at all (in worldy terms and understanding)
Londoner's today might wonder if the penal colonies aren't such a bad place after all.
- "Cheery Pip old chap!"