Monday, September 26, 2005

Too simple for words

In the beginning was the word.
It appears that we find freedom through words.
It also appears that we find our bondage through words.
If our ‘god’ is attacked verbally then we feel that we must defend it.
Why? - Because we have identified with that god.
What does identified mean?
It means we give our identity to an object. - Whether it is the body (our own body) or a ‘thing’ an object.
Our true identity is invisible.
What can the ‘psychological being’ know of this invisibility?
Nothing at all. In fact this psychological being is a fiction and can know nothing whatsoever of itself. - It is an image. - Just like your own refection in the mirror is an image, it cannot have any of the functions of being-ness.
All our beliefs are words and images.
The flow of the energy of belief is from the immediate livingness that we are.
What we need to understand is that all challenges to our ‘belief system’ arrive as a gift.
- A gift of the potential freedom from bondage.
A series of ‘pointers’ with an exacting potency have been expressed by Bob Adamson. - It still amazes me of how few really hear what they mean.
The addiction to being a psychological being is so seemingly embedded in seekers, that they just can’t let go of it. - There will be no freedom in that grasping habit.
The emphasis on ‘enlightenment’ as being some special attainment is the most misleading information of all. - Tantalized by its promise, the mind overlooks the simple and perfect nature of ordinary wakefulness.
The mind will continually fill in ‘the blanks’ with yesterday’s experiences as long as you do not pay attention. - You must BE the presence that you are without placing your identity into the minds projections.
It is very simple yet so elusive for so many.

Quote from Siddharameshwar:

"One who gives us trouble, liberates us from the ego of the body"