Friday, September 30, 2005

Let’s not talk Falsely Now, the hour is getting late!

Note taken from an email reply:

You are faced with a dilemma.
IN and AS the Actual you are free - as you always have been.
In the mind - a pattern of belief in being a ‘seeker’ appears and re-appears.
It is nothing but a series of concepts, doubts and fears. - Fears of annihilation.
The conceptual fixation wants security and since it is a dream, there can be no security for it.
- So since it cannot find a foundation of solidity to hold on to, it fears its own demise, which is actually happening all the time.
- Contemplate that and maybe you will see very clearly that that is what the seeker is.
- The ‘seeker’ is vanishing consistently. - It's a shimmering vapour - Nothing can prop it up for long - and its props are vapour also. - Who wants to know such knowledge.
As Nisargadatta say: "There are no customers for this knowledge" -
So, all that is needed is to see clearly that the desperation for freedom (and all that comes with it) is just the flimsy fabric of conceptual bondage - ‘the bondage of self ’.
Your true freedom is impersonal and is found in your nothing-ness.
The paradox is that the seeker has no wish to ‘go’ there - and it cannot go there. - It runs in the opposite direction as it has appeared to do all its non-existence!

(In the appearance) The dissolution of the seeker is activated by the light of knowing.
Darkness is dispelled by light.
Ignorance is dispelled by Knowing.

All there truly IS - is Knowing.

Who does not know this?
As soon as a true investigate begins, then the light of knowing reveals all that needs to be revealed. As Bob says: "The false cannot stand up to the investigation. It falls apart".
This investigation [proceeds naturally, as if by its own volition.
- You already have all you need. - Fear not - just see and be free.
As Nisargadatta says: "That which directs the attention is (from) beyond the attention".
Pointing, pointing, pointing.
NO concept can ever reveal the empty nature of mind. - It already IS.
Pure seeing – pure knowing is untouched by the movements in mind.

Quote: “Let’s not talk falsely now, the hour is getting late” – Bob Dylan from “All along the Watch Tower”.

Another note taken from an email reply:
“What are you pretending to be?
How many masks are tucked away in the cupboard?
Do you know them all intimately?
Or are they so hypnotic in effect, that you don’t even notice when you take one off and replace it with another?
What is this hypnotic state of mind?
If you don’t know, then who or what is going to know it?
Does this living presence (with eyes) behind the mask appear to be dulled and ‘elsewhere’.
A blunt sword does not cut cleanly.
- Your authentic presence is sharper than any material object and it cuts through all disguises without exception. - Nothing can stop Seeing!
Pure seeing penetrates all camouflages and it is full of knowing.
The self-centre fixation is the apparent problem - but for whom?
Who owns the problem?
It appears that we must ‘come’ to know all this intimately through ‘time’.
It certainly appears to be that way.
When you emerge from a fog, everything is clear and obvious.
- What is known, is that the non-clarity is only a transient state of affairs and that which is, IS and was there all along.
We must pay attention to the immediacy of our life just as it is.
Not as a contrived effort with the minds formulations (based on the past).
Instant - Immediate! (no mediate!).
No effort. - Effortless Presence - just as it is. - That includes whatever is appearing in the mind in its immediacy, no matter what it is.
If the attention slips away into inadvertence, then it easily turns into the usual paradoxical terrain of conflicting reference points. - It always includes the ‘me’ as the ‘lynch pin’.
- The key point is that what you are, is the natural pure functioning – pure awareness – pure knowing.
Let the mind rest on nothing at all and just see that all there is, is Knowing.
Everything else comes and goes. - Since it all comes and goes, you can determine in an exacting way. - You know that you are not these transient appearances.
What you are is not knowable in any ‘objective sense’.
- It is unchanging.
Stop trying to be a SEER and let SEEING be effortless.
Don’t grasp at what appears and don’t hold onto any apparent knowledge that springs up. - When any concept of being enlightened arises, let it move on and be free of it.
In this way, freedom unfolds itself completely and you avoid the tempatation of being someone special, someone enlightened, which is the final threshold to actual freedom.
Many teachers and gurus have not seen through this threshold.
No one can pass this threshold from the mind.
This threshold is just an appearance that delineates ‘nothing’ at all”
As Nisargadatta says: "You are free now, you have never been bound".

I say: "Where is the doubt?"
- Gilbert.

Quote: “Don’t think twice, it’s alright” – Bob Dylan