Tuesday, September 27, 2005

In a Nutshell.

I am going to spell it out once in a nutshell.
Word, words, words, words. - Endless words. - There are many ‘mad’ people wandering the city street these days. - They are endlessly muttering words. - Many others have the conflict of a running inner dialogue, hidden maybe but it shows on their faces. - Worried souls who chew their fingernails and have distorted faces with worry lines embedded in the facial tissues.
- Words, words, words. - It’s the same for spiritual seekers. - Not happy!
Ramana said this and Papaji said that. - Eckhart said this and ‘so and so’ said that.
And what do you think?
The essence of non duality is not a matter of what you think or don't think, or what 'they' think.
Thoughts spontaneously appear. Flowers appear in a field and thoughts appear in the mind.
- All manifested expressions including thoughts all spontaneously appear and disappear.

Everything spontaneously appears or happens without any entity with any volition being behind it.
That is too spooky for most seekers and they turn away and reach for some comforting self-bondage.
In the ordinary sense of things we have learnt many, many words.
(get them messed up and wow, 'teacher' will spank you)
- We interpret everything with words but it is always after the fact and based on memory. - The speed of its functioning in mind (process) is always behind spontaneous appearance (instant)which is mind free (pure mind).
Do you label almost everything and project these words out into your world?
In the psychological appearance, of being a ‘person’, this is so habitually constant for this ‘you’ that the natural world has been masked by a realm of words. - These words make a screen, which is often in conflict and personal drama. Its the cage of limitations, as Bob calls it.
- It brings suffering and you want someone to save you from it.
- You keep appearing to fall into its trap. (This applies also to a great number of so-called non-dualists. - Why else do the hang around teachers and gurus?)
Is your life like a weird court scene? - Where various solicitors take the stage and argue about everything while you keep taking sides with one and then another and then another. - This is confusion and nothing more. - You may wonder how you can get out of it. - Is life just a mess for you all too frequently?
- In your depths, you hanker for the peace of no conflict, no mind.
Sex brings a brief relief as the psychological ‘you’ disappears for a short time.
But quite often sex becomes a problem too.
- The very thing that brings relief is now a problem.
Due to the reliance on words and conventional values, handed onto you, all the drama appears as if by your own making and guilt arises or anger.
You are the only one that can transform it all. - Your teacher or guru cannot do it for you. - All they can do is point certain facts out to you. - All talk of the grace of the guru is just belief system crap.
All these dramas can be transformed into a transparent film which does not touch you.
Reality is wordless – changeless. - Your true nature is THAT.
There is no possibility that you could not be THAT.
You can negate every ‘thing’ systematically but reality remains timelessly present.
Absolute silence/stillness is what you are. - What identity can ‘you’ put on it?
The psychological ‘me’ cannot perceive it (or anything).
Seeing is knowing.
It is the silence/stillness which witnesses all movement, sights and sounds.
It spontaneously ‘does’ this without ‘doing’ anything and without becoming anything called ‘a Witness’. - It remains empty of substantiality.
It is timeless.
Time is memory only. - All doubt is in time and arises from memory. - And who is the rememberer? - The one engaged in memories? - Transient waves of appearance only!
The core is: You ARE Reality.
Why do you sacrifice your absolute silence for a bunch of words?

That is it in a nutshell.
- If you look closely into these pointers, then all these troublesome personalized dramas will resolve themselves. - They have no power against direct inquiry. Seeing cuts through them all.
This is not some ‘hotch-potch’ information here. - Use it.

Hi Gilbert,
You write well. - Sometimes I think I can actually see what you're pointing at - but not for long. - In that 'nutshell' posting you say "You are the only one that can transform it all".
- "Who is this ‘you’ you refer to? - You can't mean the ego/mind as that is the delusion so you must mean the pure awareness that we are - but this awareness being an unchanging, action-less witness doesn't do anything including transforming. - Please explain. - "Why do you sacrifice your absolute silence for abunch of words?" - Again you seem to imply a choice is available. - I don't see one.
- How long were you a seeker before you met sailor Bob? - Did you meet any other gurus?

Hi, - We must speak in terms of time to cover the questions.
I met Ramesh Balsekar, Sri Ranjit Maharaj and Bob. - All of the Navanath Sampradaya lineage. - My first teacher George Adie introduced me to simple presence in 1975. I was a complete novice yet I recognized something profound in it, which of course was my own presence.
Much inner work was apparently done with little progress. - Something was being uncovered slowly.
What I know now is that everything lead me to this moment NOW. - It appeared to take time. - I know now that this moment has never changed in essence. - But to speak of the so-called past, which everyone relates to, we must use the concepts of the past. - So, I have met many other so-called teachers but none really resonated anywhere else than in the personality and ego aspect of mind. - Tantalizing at times for sure yet in the core of the heart the knowing (was) is that they are just appearances. - Ultimately all 'others', including the true guru or teacher, can only be an appearance in Reality.
What will reveal itself is: - You are Reality!
Yes of course the points you make are relatively correct and deserve an answer.
- Although I cannot say I write these notes as 'people' normally believe that they write things, since they just appear to express themselves, so to speak, I do see and recognize a subtle play going on in them. - I also know that most readers miss this subtle 'to and fro'.
Some 'ground' is given and then wisked away. - There may also appear gross expressions. - Not many see or feel the subtle flow between the absolute and the relative which is within the nature of the play in their lives and in these writings - most miss it but even so it assists the mind to flow between these two apparent 'things' ( concept and non-concept) - yet they are at all times ONE appearing as 'many'. - The true nature of mind is clear and empty.
- Only the essence knows this.
The mind content can never know anything.
- No point is really erroneous unless it is fixated on by an attachment to the 'me' which is the biased reference point in mind. - Yet it is only in appearance.
- The reality that you are (that we all ARE) is unchanging.
- The one who KNOWS this is no one (it is not of the psychology) it is NO THING for the mind.
- The ancients describe this as cognizing emptiness.
- The vastness of emptiness (within you and without you) is obvious and yet it evades the conceptualizing mind simply because it has NO substance and yet IT is the cognizing factor.
Who knows this?
The nature of 'I' is the light of knowing.
- It is not a person.
Thank you for your questions.
- Cheers - Gilbert.