Saturday, December 03, 2005

James Braha's NEW BOOK-Living Reality OUT NOW

New Book on the way plus A5 size copies of 'The First Instant'
are available for ordering.
"Everything is Clear and Obvious". Pre-Release copies will be made available in due course.
It's Full Title is: "Duality in Oneness - Everything is Clear and Obvious"

Check Mark West's Blog for interview number 4.
His enthusiasm is unbound. Here is the link.

New Website:
Burt is the one who helped me set up this Website and he did a thorough job of going over my manuscripts for the two books.
- Awareness has been expressing itself there in Burt as well. - Here is a link to his new website (small, as yet) where you can read some of his writings. - It is excellent.

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- Jean Pierre has his book manuscript available on line.
- The joy of the message is resonating loudly there. - Link to his site is on my Links page.

James Braha’s new book is now released. - I had the pleasure of a preview copy.
- This new book called “Living Reality – My extraordinary Summer with ‘Sailor Bob’ Adamson", is very refreshing and a welcome addition to the growing collection of books on Bob.
- It’s not for die hard 'semantic' non dualists or pseudo 'teachers'.
- It's an excellent introduction to this sometimes difficult subject. - The writing has a friendly atmosphere, so to speak and is a comfortable read.
- I am sure many will find it to be of considerable value.
- In the main it is dialogue transcriptions of talks with Bob.
- Some are from private talks and some from gatherings. - It demonstrates a dissolving of complex miss understandings.
- If one reads it with a relaxed attention, then some otherwise difficult topics may well open up in a new way. - The personalized sections are welcome and do not conflict with the main message at all.
- In fact the main message comes through loud and clear.
- There are even some examples of a boisterous egoist there that thinks 'it' has the understanding and makes definitive statements in an attempt to establish its position in relation to the 'others'.
- That in itself is quite elucidating. - The false passing itself off as genuine has a smell all of its own. - No harm done, since it is all transient conditions and quite common for many seekers especially if they are 'successful' in their life story.
- Many will find this book extremely useful, since James and others hammer away at various questions and concepts - which are shared by most 'seekers'. - It's very comprehensive and contains many points which one does not come across elsewhere in mainstream non dual literature.
- When I first discovered Bob, I wanted everyone to know about him and his clear message.
- Well, we know that not everyone, in fact very few are really interested. - Actually, even in spiritual circle, there are very few who really resonate loudly in their authenticity with a true message. - So habitual is the apparent bondage, that they can't let go of the sad stories of being a seeker. - How miserable!
- Most prefer to perpetuate the illusion and will avoid at any cost, the true situation.
Of course there is no entity 'doing' any such thing but it appears that way.
- Even though there is not a single doubt here about it all, it is still a joy to see more and more picking up on Bob's genuine and profound subtle pointing.
Surely all these seekers must eventually get tired of those sacred teachers in their 'get up' and all their 'preciousness'. - In a clearly obvious way, one can easily percieve that Bob has no ego base at all. - That freedom touches the innate freedom in us and something is revealed.
Once revealed, it can never full close over again.
- In simply seeing, without a reference point in (fixating) awareness, the shroud of ignorance dissolves completely.
- I must say I feel some 'personal' happiness about this book appearing 'out there' in the world of seekers.

- It is a relief to see that this book will be easily available through the publisher.
- This new book by James will make an impression and assist in spreading the news about Bob’s extraordinary ‘influence’.
- The book is around 320 pages long.
- I advise anyone who is a bit tired of the ‘heavy’ non-dual literature to get this new book.
- It is a welcome sharing of this living reality.

Well done James - Gilbert
- The ISBN number is 0-935895-10-8 51995
- Living Reality. by James Braha - Printed by Hermetician Press. - OUT NOW!

Check his website out -

Note on the Non Dual:
Speaking truth?
Everything arises out of that empty space of knowing.
Whatever appears, it appears without any bias or eccentricity.
In its immediacy, whatever appears is not a problem. - Even when it is translated as being a problem, it remains free of such bias in its immediacy. -The bias is only in the minds processes and in a posture taken by the apparent ‘entity’ there-in. - Even this so-called ‘entity’ has no real bias except in its appearance. In pure seeing, all such apparent eccentric postures are seen.....and in that very seeing there is an intrinsic knowing that I am not what is seen.
- Just like when you see a train go by, you know that you are not the train.
- Whatever you see in the appearance of ‘things’ is not what you are.
- You are the seeing aspect. - You cannot see yourself.
-Investigating that very fact is the core of the investigation. - When the investigation is complete, seeing remains as it always is....pristine and clear.
- This is untouched and uncontaminated by anything that is seen. - Identification ceases to be a bridge of attachment to ‘things’.
- Everything is set free to be what it is (as if it were ever bound).
- All methods of purification are known to be a fallacy. - One hears of stories like the zen monk climbing the mountain. - He looks up and ....seeing the moon, he lets out a hearty laugh.
- The heavy baggage of conditioning slips away and the body-mind organism feels a tremendous relief. - It just happens and it happens without a ‘doer’.
- It is simply seeing and nothing MORE than seeing.
- The absurdity for the ‘seekers’ is that seeing is already happening. It is only the attachment to a concept that some ‘entity’ is seeing and some ‘object’ is seen, which seemingly obscures the pure function of seeing.
- See, it is simple. - Where can you go from here? - Back into the mind’s terrain?
- As Bob so clearly points out: “What conditioning is there if you do not think about it?”
- Some intellectuals, no, most intellectuals immediately dismiss such suggestions as below the level of their capacity and will not even entertain it for a fraction of their precious ‘time’ which ‘they’ are seemingly caught in. – In the minds so-called memory, a bright intellect has already bolstered itself with an attitude made from many explanations and beliefs.
- It even places much value in ‘belief’ itself. - When these beliefs are challenged, a fortress of stubborn belief holds ground with a furious tension. - When pressed, these intellectuals will not hesitate to use all available ‘logic’ (their famous logic) to attempt to make you retreat or submit to their views or at least back off.
- It may be of interest to some that G.I. Gurdieff spoke of such 'attitudes' becoming crystalized in people and the only way to free them was to ruthlessly destroy these crystalizations - and this could often be very painful for them. - It makes some sense from a certain point of view. - However all such 'things' are not attached to the immediacy of direct cognition.
- They are seen to be the flowing content of mind only. - No separation really exists yet it appears that the pure cognition needs to be free of any assignment of 'identity' to whatever is cognized. - Much of Gurdieff's 'Work' is centered around becoming free of identification.

- The question is: Who is identified? - It can only be a 'me'.
- And in essence you are not that transient fixation. - All these inner psychological problems are simply contained in the drama of appearances - all in mind stuff - with habitual states seemingly sprouting from them. - Remove the apparent cause and the effect disappears also.
- It’s all no more valid than a dream. - It all comes and goes (while you remain unchanged in essence). - That is what is realized. I am NOT these 'things', then once that is free flowing, the realization is that I am That. And that does not contain any binding fixations.
- In other words, whatever arises does not matter because the pure function of seeing is untouched by any 'objects' or any ‘stories’, either sad, glad or pale.
Now!............are you going to keep believing in the story that you are not free?

The only so-called reason that so few appear to ‘get’ this message is because there is no ‘getting’ or ‘not getting’. - All is as it is in essence - and as it is in appearance. - It's real in its immediacy but unreal in the minds speading projections and beliefs (mind content).
- Images which are cast back onto the immediacy by the mind are re-cognized phenomena and dreams and all these are time bound and 'out of sync' with pure cognition, in a manner of speaking. In THIS immediacy of NOW - You ARE. - It is perfect just as it is.
Stop telling your sad stories to yourself ....and everyone else and be the actuality of freedom that you truly ARE.