Monday, November 07, 2005

Ordinary wakefulness is subjugated?

If you have not heard the Interview with Mark West, then do so. The link is on the adjacent page, named as such, which can be found in the notes list.

Note for today:
It may be of interest to some, to know that what I see now, is an ever diminishing interest (in myself) in ‘seekers’ and their ‘wants’. -So very few are genuine and most just want to argue a point and hang onto a personal point of view. - Non Dual chat room have become a cess-pit of intellectual babble.
In contrast, what I notice is that in ordinary life, there is simplicity without the intense self-centred focus of being ‘spiritually special’ in those I meet and speak with.
It is also significant that there is no longer percieved any substantial separation to any of it.
However, all this focus on ‘special teachers’ and their ‘grace’ etc, is just more delusion and counter productive. - It supports the belief in being ‘special’. - Ordinary wakefulness is apparently superimposed with more and more concepts (for these infamous seekers).
The self-centred pursuit of a goal in ‘time’ and through personalized ‘expectations’ - and all these ‘conceptual constructs’ are actually the very antithesis of the non dual realization.
So few seem to get past all that rigmarole.
Even promising candidates slip back into the mind realm and sprout more and more garbage in the non dual jargon which has now become so sickening to read or hear.
I have had many conversations with those who have supposedly transcended the illusion.
-In all cases except one, there is an obvious series of personalized beliefs.
I have read the words of many ‘famous’ and popular teachers. - Almost all the current ones are speaking in riddles and contradictions. - They appear to borrow wisdom from here and there and sprout it, mixed with personal views. - Their followers are equally confused and demonstrate egoistic gravitation. - The shock needed to knock them out of their eccentric orbit is bound to be unpleasant. - Yet they are not willing to accept even a mild knock to their ego base beliefs. -Their ‘special guru’ feeds them what they want, which is mostly bullshit. - Why should I care? - I don't! - I am 'over it'. - Why stick your head in a bucket of sh..t?
My recent expose of some of these teachers has most fortuitously scared off many seekers.
Now, there is more space without, these mosquito’s buzzing around with their needy personas.

The bottom line of it all is so simple.
The ‘personalized’ preferences of the seeker must be cleared away.
- Until then, the message will not settle in the heart.

As the Gita says: “Of all the seekers, there is only one who knows me in my true nature”.
I say that the seeker knows nothing.
- It is the heart essence that knows and it is not a seeker.
- It is free as it always is.

Who knows that?