Thursday, November 03, 2005

Email question - No Slaves!

Hi, Gilbert,
It is Sampa here and for quite a while all that appears in awareness makes sense until some one ask me this. - "If the person is within awareness and is knocked unconscious, only 'his' awareness is gone and that of others remains. - Does this not show awareness remains within the person?" - When a person dies, he is not aware of his death. -
Also if the illusionary person, Gilbert or me is dream like, then the script in the dream determines the destiny of these characters and there is in fact NO free will - for even the thoughts just appear in awareness without a thinker. - As only awareness knows the thoughts, why then it is the body that responds as the body is the known and not the knower.
- It is the awareness that knows hunger and pain and yet it is the body that seeks out food and treatment for the pain. As you mentioned awareness is always present, yet in deep sleep, I could not recall anything, even such things as darkness and silence.
Please help . Warmest regards - Sampa

We are talking about Advaita, No?
It means - One without a second. ALL mind body organisms are inclusive in this Timeless Oneness. It IS non-dual Universal Awareness. - It is the Knowing. -The individual knows nothing except by a trickle of reflective knowing which gets distorted in the mind. - The egositic 'me' thinks it is seeing and knowing. - It is fearful of death because in that trickle of knowing, there is access to its own nothingness. - It runs and hides from this.
-It will never face the true nature because it is only a facade floating in front of pure seeing and pure knowing. - It is not your authentic being-ness. - It is time bound and only reflective by nature. Like the moon glows in the night sky, it appears to have its own light.
- Without the Sun, the moon would not even be, let alone shine. - One could postulate about it all but the message is clear. - No point in a debate on that point. - When it is daytime here - many walk around and are active. - It is night on the other side of this singular globe (ONE sphere of being) and many sleep and are in-active. - All your points are from the limited view of being ‘someone’ in a body, with experiences. - Logically one tries to make sense of it all but logic has its limits. - Direct knowing does not submit to the laws of logic. - Logic is for practical life and is very useful in the appearance. - Who can doubt that?
Of course it appears like such and such for the one who thinks he is limited by logic and is IN a body. - Awareness is not limited to the body. - The true situation is that the whole universe appears in your true nature... It is is is thoughtless reality.
- You think you can understand it all with the is dualistic.
- ONLY the intelligence Knows!
There is NO individual anywhere!
All thoughts appear --- and they disappear --- yet you remain.
Even in deep sleep...if someone knocks on the door loud enough, or if there is an earthquake, you will be aroused and get up.
Awareness IS.
When 'you' are in deep sleep - there is nothing to know. - The senses are abating, lulled into a passivity. - In deep sleep, you as the authentic essence, have receded into your true nature- the singular Source!
In the morning you are replenished.
Do you need to connect the battery before awareness is there?
It is there before you open your eyes. - It never left! - It is what you ARE.
- Once up, you move about and soon you unconsciously put on your mask and a limited identity and the drama of life unfolds once more. - One must 'enter' into ones nothingness, consciously to realize THIS singular truth. Non-Conceptual Awareness.
I am THAT by which I Know I AM.
Where is there any doubt?
Only in a dualistic mind can doubt appear. - You are prior to dualism. - Even though you appear as Sampa and I as Gilbert – ‘we’ are One.
Advaita = ONE without a second.


Here is a piece from the as yet unpublished book "Everything is Clear and Obvious".
A short extract:

"Why wait in the conceptual realms for freedom to come and get you?"

Shake me - wake me from this dream of penance!
So many hold Ramana Maharshi up as a perfect example. - Or it may very well be some other Holy Guru. - The so-called true realized guru or teacher knows intimately that there is only One Source—One light of knowing. - He or she points to this fact over and over in many ways for the aspirant. -
The guru knows that (they) you are the Source and that it cannot be otherwise.
- They, in the appearance and drama of life, may believe that they have forgotten this factual knowledge. So it is pointed out over and over until it is known fully. - Doubt is transcended. However so many will not let go of a relationship with erroneous beliefs. Unworthiness - or impurity is often the self-feeling behind a resistance to ‘letting it all go’.
-Lack of trust in oneself through attachment to ones apparent history and conditioning is the apparent problem. - Historic conditioning, co-depend-ing, call it what you want. - The Guru may appear to make you feel purer in his presence yet this appears to turn into an addiction for many. - Service and endless payment in one form or another.
- It is not freedom – it is bondage! - A mirage. The ‘true Guru’, the one that has transcended the body and mind, is FREE and has no interest in wanting the company of seekers or ‘hangers on’ - no slaves! - There is a spontaneous and natural interest (in him) in setting you free as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Why would you place your trust in a Guru that does not have such an approach? - What immediate benefit is there in such a contractual bondage? If he lives and knows freedom completely, then his very action and speech point you to the natural freedom that you are.
- It is your light that he reveals to you - Not his.
- Stop worshiping gurus and BE what you ARE.
- It is your authentic being which will guide you to the right help if it is needed.