Sunday, November 06, 2005

Everything you see is awareness

Oneness is not playing games with itself.
- It does not love to indulge in thinking it is 'many' at all. - Oneness is Oneness - full stop.
- So called teachers of Oneness love to play games with seekers of Oneness, that is more like it.
And some of these teacher's have the audacity to suggest that they themselves are the only one who speaks clearly or 'has' the Clarity that they parrot on about endlessly. They say that all other teachers are in error or only have an intellectual grasp of this clarity. Utter garbage.
There truly is no intellectual understanding of it and there is NO ONE to have an intellectual understanding of it, even in their own terms and teaching. So our non dual teacher fails to see his own error and judgment. - Maybe the 'concept of clarity' has disturbed the mind too much.
Clarity IS. -It is not an acquisition and it does not matter what appears in clarity.
- The one who is caught as an entity in conceptual mind stuff is nothing other than mind stuff itself.
- There is no possibility of 'someone' 'getting' Clarity or selling it for 'ten quid' on Sundays.

The true and authentic essence that you are - is not in 'time' or 'place'.
This is apparently re-discovered by an apparent process of negation.
I am not this or this or that etc. By eliminating the assignment of identity to these concepts etc. then ones natural state is revealed to itself without identification.
Oneness is of a singular essence.
Nothing divides this wholeness into any realms of ‘time’ or ‘separation’.
- Without any need of a concept or a translation in ‘mind processes’, it is clearly evident that everything is spontaneously present. Seeing is happening. Hearing is happening.
- It has always been this way.
- The first Instant of being is Knowing.
- It is ONE moment of direct-cognition.
It has never been divided into anything ‘other’ than what it IS.
A simple way to describe it is – it is ‘What IS’.
The 'story' of a life continues to ‘play’ itself out in the 'appearance' - Lila.

None of it is anything ‘other’ than THIS directness of immediate livingness.
Nothing can stand between you and THIS.
YOU ARE THIS! - There is no realm of any ‘between’ except in mind stuff.
One could say that awareness arises between being and non-being but this is just a pedagogical statement to assist the investigation. - It is all pure directness.
- Even the word ‘directness’ is incomplete in expressing THIS profound-ness that you ARE.
Unmediated knowing, immediate and endless.
Absolutely everything IS this essence of your own self.

You are present and aware. - You are awareness. - Everything you see is awareness.
Where is the boundary of separation?
There truly is no boundary.
THIS endless infinite universe is the phenomenal aspect of your own being-ness.
The clear and empty nature of this unmediated knowing - is the pure potentiality of your non-being-ness.
These two aspects are actually One. - Right there, right now, there is just THIS IS-NESS. Inexpressible in words - it is this immediate, vast and everlasting expression of living-ness. When have you truly been anything 'other' than THIS? - It is always IMMEDIATE!
It is always OBVIOUS! To think about it takes you into apparent 'otherness'.
Just be quiet, watch and SEE.

An email: Dear Gilbert, Congratulations on your recent publication of The First Instant.
-I love the no-holds-barred radical absoluteness about This, being here always. -Always available because It is what we ARE. -Take away belief and you take away limitation and temporal placement and freedom is all there is. -The simplicity of your message is SO refreshing in this complex market place for spiritual seekers. -I also just read an entry on your website ("Read Bob's Books" I think it was) and really enjoyed hearing about your experiences with Bob when you first went to listen to him and then what followed as the understanding eliminated the unnecessary suffering of a seemingly separate self.
-I especially liked hearing about your beginnings as an instrument for this Understanding, as that seems to be what I'm dealing with now. -I went to see Bob last November and came away clear as a bell and finished off it seemed....... What is Real is the Openness without limit full of the light without limit, one simple changeless Well-Beingness-regardless of any passing thought or movement of a body or a universe. -What is really important HERE is the simple formless completeness. - There is a feeling and knowing that nothing that happens can affect or touch what I am. - Another thing I'm really aware of right now is that it doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks either, if you know what I mean. -There is no outer authority for what you are (what I am). - A teacher or book can point to what we are but I now see the absolute necessity of looking - and being what we are inside, so to speak, before any concepts, learned teaching, or form. - This Knowingness is here in everyone the same. The only thing that gums up the works seemingly is attachment to thought(belief).
- From a fellow lover of Nisargadatta and Bob's teaching, for which I am extremely grateful, with Love -Bill