Sunday, November 27, 2005

James Braha's new book on Bob - Living Reality

James Braha’s new book is on the verge of being released early in December.
Take Note:
- I received a review copy recently and I wish to share some of my impression on it.
- These comments in full are on the next and more recent note.
It is not a matter of taking it in passively or treating it as a gospel or sacred text.

An aspect of Bob's gift, is that he is a simple man, a westerner who speaks very ordinary language. - The intelligence which shines through what he is saying is unmistakable.
He claims no ownership of it in any way. - He points to the very same intelligence in those who visit him.
I must say I feel some joy and happiness about this book appearing 'out there'.

When I first discovered Bob, I quite naturally wanted everyone to know about him and his clear message.
Well, we know that not everyone, in fact very few are really interested. - Actually, even in spiritual circle, there are very few who really resonate loudly in their authenticity with a true message. - So habitual is the apparent bondage, that they can't let go of the sad stories of being a seeker. - How miserable!
- Most prefer to perpetuate the illusion and will avoid at any cost, the true situation.
Of course there is no entity 'doing' any such thing but it appears that way.
- Even though there is not a single doubt here about it all, it is still a joy to see more and more picking up on Bob's genuine and profound subtle pointing.
Surely all these seekers must eventually get tired of those sacred teachers in their 'get up' and all their 'preciousness'. - In a clearly obvious way, one can easily percieve that Bob has no ego base at all. - That freedom touches the innate freedom in us and something is revealed.
Once revealed, it can never full close over again. In simply seeing, without a reference point in fixating awareness, the shroud of ignorance dissolves completely.
- I advise anyone who is a bit tired of the ‘heavy’ non-dual literature to get this new book.
- It is a welcome sharing of this living reality.

Well done James - Gilbert

The ISBN number is 0-935895-10-8 51995

Living Reality. by James Braha - Printed by Hermetician Press.

Check his website out -

Gilbert's regular Note on the non dual perplex-ion:

Non Duality discussions are popping up everywhere these days.
What are the essential points for a true understanding on Non Duality?
What is so often overlooked in these Non Duality discussions may be these following points.

The unchanging essential points are:

1. Seeing is happening.

2. Knowing is happening.

Even to say that, it enters into linguistic dualism.
‘Seeing - Knowing’ are unchanging. - Ever present and timeless.
The apparent ‘happening’ is the ever changing parade of what is seen and known or what can be described as the appearance of phenomena.
What is missed so often is the fact that nothing that is seen or known ever compounds into anything called a 'past' or into anything 'other' than...its ever fresh nature of being in ‘appearance’ only. - The nature of energy is to move, therefore all phenomena are fresh and new in appearance even when it appears to be the same as 'a moment ago'.
- There is no duration in pure seeing. What is translated from what is seen appears to have duration, yet that is all simply appearing in the seeing which never budges. - Otherwise how could you say anything about it? - While the mind is engaged in describing some momentary 'past' impressions, seeing is still functioning and all is registering just as it is without words.
Thoughtless reality.

So, seeing IS. - Knowing IS.

What is happening?
Nothing is happening.
For the apparent 'entity', everything is happening.

In your true essence, nothing is happening.
There is silence and a living stillness.

Who will normally accept such outrageous statements?
No one!
Yet seeing is happening. - Knowing is happening.
All objections are in mind process only and are attributed to an owner of those objections.
All of this is ME and my beliefs. - Stories. - Just stories.
Is there understanding there? - Maybe?
Or is it miss-understanding? - Not sure?
Opinions and preferences in memory? - Is that all it is? - 'Who' wants to know?
Awareness is non dual. - The me is a fragmented image of a self which never ever existed in this immediate actuality. - This can be seen clearly as long as there is no 'personal stance' taken in the pure functioning of seeing.

The body mind organism is an instrument of direct cognition.
Without that, there is nothing to See and nothing to Know.
With it, what is seen is also nothing - but it appears as something.
You are prior to all appearances, therefore you see it all.

But you cannot see yourself !

Investigate that !

The pivotal point is called ‘The Investigation’.
The essence of the investigation is ‘seeing-knowing’.
These two aspects of awareness are one and are ever prior to the content of investigation.

Many spiritual aspirants are of the opinion that they have already made the investigation.
Yet in their expressions, it is obvious that it is all conceptual additions to thier collected spiritual baggage.
‘Yes I Know’
- is often a response. - Is it a defensive response? - Protection of what?
It is the useless protection of a false idea that ‘I’ have ‘got it’ or -“I am done with it’.
They may say ‘yes it has all been cleared up for me by 'so and so’.
Then they often go on and on with some line of conceptual paraphernalia which demonstrates clearly that miss-understanding is still the centre of gravity in their mental terrain.

However, once this investigation is thoroughly made, then and only then, does the true nature reveal its ultimate revelation.
Now, having said that, do not imagine that this ultimate revelation is belonging to some higher realm of consciousness.
This ultimate revelation is simple ordinary wakefulness.

Now, can you honestly say that wakefulness is not present right now?

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