Saturday, December 17, 2005

Friends! Talking happens. Writing happens.

Clear understanding is available without effort or internal posturing.
As I pick up various spiritual books or read website passages, I see the concepts of slavery being perpetuated by all kinds of self professed ‘liberated individuals’. - Like a stone in my shoe, these erroneous expression are obvious.
They are Taoists or Advaita teachers or whatever they may be. - Even in their ‘profound’ first sentence in their expounding, there appear grossly biased concepts, which are like the magic slogans of an advertising agency. - All apparently designed to ‘get you in’.
Get you into what? - Into believing that by following their advice and by joining their ‘club’, you will work your way to a final ‘result’. - The so called ‘final understanding’ and the final ‘liberation’ can, in their terms, only come about if you ‘do’ what they profess to be the ‘only way’.
Someone wrote to me, thinking that they were doing me a favour and said that “The Final Understanding” was now available bound in ‘hard back’ for $65 or something like that. - I wrote back and said that this understanding is not ‘bound’ by anything and is totally free right now.
As Bob recently pointed out so potently: “There is nothing ‘final’ about it”. - (podcast)
So obvious is it, that just about every seeker misses it. - Why?
- Because the 'seeker' is nothing but a series of beliefs and that includes the acquisition of more and more beliefs, to bolster its castle of dreams.
- That incessant desire drives the appearance of being a seeker on and on, looking for that ‘key’ which is nowhere to be found ‘out there’. - The lock is only made of mind stuff. - The natural Key is your own attention.
- Be clear and direct!
We need only look back into the space of knowing.
- Look in that space from where seeing is happening.
It appears that most are too scared to even entertain the possibility of entering that space due to fear. - How ridiculous! - That 'you' can't even enter it. - Your true essence IS that.
Your own true nature abides there.
- Are you afraid of your own self?
What could possibly be there that is so scary?
The shroud of day dreams and day nightmares are just a thin layer of belief.
They have no substance at all.

That ‘person’ that you think you are – when did it arrive?
Isn’t this being-ness here, and in this, doesn’t the concept of being someone ‘come and go’? - Now, look closely - what knows the factual-ness of that - and all comings and goings?

Knowing is.
Being is.
Whatever is conceptualized as being ‘final’ is actually time bound - and so it will disappear just like everything else. - What remains? - What has never left you? - You don't even have to find THAT. - You ARE that.
So, we see that much of the ‘teachings’ ‘out there’ are subtly keeping a ‘carrot’ before the ‘donkey’.
Are you a donkey?

There is no end to the appearance of things. - That is obvious - even logical.
Your life insurance policy will run out one day. - No payment for an extension will be possible.
What can you do to add to the ‘appearance of things’?
More appearances? - Made of what? - More processes? - More purifying practices?
More meditation? - 9 or 10 days of no talking and endless meditation?
Does the infinite silence care about your transient silence? - Wake up.
Does any of it compound into anything worthy to enter that pure space of knowing?
When that last breath leaves the body, all your life-time efforts will be known to be useless.
Knowing that now, while the livingness is still pulsing through you is the only knowledge worth having.
- Yet it cannot be ‘had’ – it can only be lived.
- And yet no one can live it.
The one who thinks that they are living a spiritual life is just a deluded mindscape.
The one who knows that life is living them is nothing other than this immediate, unmediated knowing presence.
THAT is ONE without a second.
What is ‘final’ about THAT?
Isn’t it clear and Obvious?
Without taking one conceptual step away from this, it is so very obvious.
All that appears is reflected in that mirror like mind which does not move.
All movement is known within that knowing presence. - Not in the mirror!
Prior to the mirror. - Is the movement (any movement) ever apart from this knowing?
When the ‘me’ is seen through, it is seen via direct cognizing, which is actually the only seeing that there ever is. - With no cumbersome mind processing to distort the view, when the mirror mind is clean, the fixation of a ‘me’ is tasted as it fades away.
- It can't see, hear or know anything - but it appears to obscure direct seeing and knowing.
It does not, except for the fixation which only borrows the pure functions.
You must fully realized that that ‘me’ cannot see or know anything at all. - It is just a series of fixated reflections in the mind. - Much of life is lived without the ‘me’, yet those moments are not noticed to be useful or worth anything by the fixation of being a ‘seeker’.
- It appears to ‘want’ to ‘get’ and ‘nail down’ the understanding.
It may even want to be a teacher of Non Duality. - It’s all delusional.
You may join the ‘sideshow alley’ gang and perpetuate the ‘miss-understanding’ but no one will ever find their innate freedom through it. - You may make a mint from books and have a thousand devotees but your own authenticity will remain disturbed in dis-ease.
Realize that dualistic mind can never be the understanding.
It is time bound as a reflection in the mind only.
What to do? - Seeing is the key. - See what you are NOT and BE what you ARE.
Neti Neti. - No this – Not that.

I will repeat something that I have said many times.
I know of only one so-called teacher who is clear and precise.
In the appearance he comes from a line of teachers.
This unique teaching is nothing other than this immediacy of presence awareness.
From that there appears a precise pointing back to the source.
He will tell you that he is not a teacher and can teach you nothing at all.
All he does is tirelessly ‘point’ you back to the fact that you are already free and to look closely at what it is that appears to bind you.
In my case, his pointing removed all doubts and they were banished into the realm of mirages.
Now, this knowing presence is unassailable - and no matter what drama may appear in it, I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that I am free and this knowing presence is simply ordinary wakefulness. - Nothing special.
Albert Einstein said: "The miraculous can be found in the mundane". - Ha! He was onto something there. - We need not be a genius to understand the non dual nature of things because it is obvious and simple.
Paradoxically, I appear the same as I always have and many who (so-called) ‘know me’ have no idea of this profound freedom (in me or in themselves). - A few may detect ‘something’ and ask a question about life. - But doesn’t that happen with everyone? - I do not feel special at all and what's more, all desire to ‘transform’ another has disappeared.
- I see and recognise the light of knowing in all I meet. - There is no one to save but if the opportunity arises, then there is a willingness to shake the cage of erroneous belief but not just willy nilly. - It is in proportion to the capacity or tolerance.
- Talking happens. - Sometimes it is apparently 'deep' and sometimes 'shallow' yet it is always about THIS.
- It could not, not be about THIS. - THIS is all there IS.
Since I started my websites, there has been a lot of sharing going on. - It appears that I have tried to convey something very subtle, which I found through Bob’s assistance. - It appears to have made a difference in some cases. - As with everything, it all just happens as it does.
Apart from Bob's material, two of my own books have been written and a CD.
- The world of common consciousness is not really interested and most 'spiritual people' are not interested because it is just too confronting to their precious beliefs. - The clear attention needed to stay with the text is uncommon - due to the restless nature of dualistic mind.
- For a few, those who have exhausted the mind and are tettering on the edge, it seems to resonate most clearly. - Periodically an email or phone call comes in and it is clear that the message 'hit a home run'. - Strangely enough, that is just felt as a warmth in being and any stirring of pride is quelched by my own gratitude in having received the message myself.
- My (self appointed) apprenticeship was the rigorous transcribing of Bob Adamson’s recordings which would probably have put off most aspiring editors. - I did not have a choice. - It appears that I was carried by an inner joy of self discovery and all obstacles were dealt with, within my capacity and immediate presence.
The ‘big bad world’ (joke) has no interest in this message. - It will never be popular.
The impulse to franchise truth is only an erroneous and egoistic belief.
- As Krishnamurti says: "Truth is a pathless land". - He dissolved the 'Order' of egoistic spiritual persuits. - That is highly symbolic of what we must do within ourselves.
Many new ‘teachers’ have arrived on the scene from Bob’s visit to the USA.
The Nisargadatta lineage is called the Navanath Sampradaya, it means Nine Friends.
Not Gurus! - Friends!
- A friend can tell you things you apparently need to know.
- He will not rant and rave about unconditional love or some precious view.
- He will be straight with you and will not lead your mind away into territories of belief.
- He will not place himself above you in anyway. It is through a knowing presence of equality that the message is delivered.
If you are still seeking self-knowledge, I strongly advise that you read Bob Adamson's books.
Listen to his CD’s etc. - Read John Wheeler’s books. - Read James Braha’s new book.
Jean Pierre’s free book on line. - John Greven’s new book and others.
They all bring a confirmation that this message is not some hotch potch guru scam.
Each one in turn has opened up to the direct influence of the message in their own unique manner according to their nature.

In the Old Testament there is a line which struck a chord in me, many years ago.
“With all thy getting, get understanding”. We know that there is no ‘getting’ as such but it means something quite definite. - I resonated with that line and knew that that is what I wanted above all else. - Understanding. - At that time I did not realize that this understanding was only covered over by mis-information. - It is not an acquisition.
If you devote all your attention to the message coming from Bob, it will soak into every bone and it will bear fruit. - The seed of self-knowledge will flourish if it is attended to.
- Stop ignoring your true nature.
Simply pay attention to the immediacy of life - and it will unfold all that is necessary.

Warm regards – gilbert Dec 2005