Sunday, January 08, 2006

A Different 'Tack'

Allow me to take a slightly different 'tack' on this non dual 'thing'.

How many times have you contemplated the concept of re-arranging your life?
To re-arrange your priorities? - To pull yourself together? - Knock yourself into shape?
Then there is the question of where you want to be? - A five year plan is common.
Who you want to associate with etc? - Got to get away from these losers!
How many ‘turn arounds’ have there been? - How many times have you changed your mind?
Ha! - That’s a good one. - Change your mind!
The revolution came and went. - What has changed? - Getting older?
Who is that in the mirror?
When we were twenty or so, we thought we would live forever. - Old people were just there as something to avoid being like.
-“I won’t get trapped into that mortgage game”.
I dug out a whole lot of LP’s from those years. - It’s amazing how the music is still there in memory as bright as when we first heard it. - The lyrics art full of promise and social changes. New views and a revolutionary way to live.
Well, where did it all lead?
Has anything lead anywhere other than right here, right now?
This apparent ‘journey’ has seemingly wound its way through all manner of circumstances, marriage, children, various homes and all kinds of relationships, professional and personal. All my degrees, proof of achievements and various other documents lay in a draw gathering dust.
I remember going through my father’s documents after he departed. - Sorting out my ‘left overs’ stored in the cellar of the family home. - Memories flood back in as we do such chores. Old attachments to useless ‘things’. - It part of what we are, isn’t it?
Have you ever considered how many humans have lived on the Planet?
What trace is left of their individuality? - Remains a dug up in the present and examined. Theories are postulated and careers are founded on them. - Experts have always had their say about it all. - Scientists and their knowledge.
Have you noticed that since you first became away of science, there have been numberless corrections and alterations to the theories?
The fact is that science can’t even explain ‘why you laugh’. - All the concepts about it are just concepts. - Like life itself, it is all a mystery to the mind and its terrain of conceptual explanations.
There is an obvious and indubitable fact. - This moment is presence. - This moment has no beginning and no end.
Even though your awareness may appear to fluctuate in this moment, the presence is absolutely stable. - In fact you cannot leave THIS.
It cannot be diminished or added to. It can’t be stored or retrieved.
Whatever inner posture, or external posture you may take in THIS, it is simply a movement within Presence. - It is all obviously transitory except for the one constant.

Presence Awareness.