Thursday, January 05, 2006

NO Exceptions in THIS.

Zero Degrees of Separation.
This Singular Essence is your true identity.
Although it is everywhere, it is firstly known right here, right now as what you are.
All ‘paths’ lead only away from THIS into diversity, ‘the world of appearances’.
The ONLY reality there is, is THAT which is unchanging.
ALL appearances are like Radiant Expressions of THIS Singular Essence.
Knowing This, all methods and practices are revealed to be based only on beliefs and so they are actually a kind of denial of THIS Actuality, which is ever beyond fragmentations.
Wholeness is Wholeness. - It is not in need of all the king's horses and all the king's men to put it back together again. - All seekers are engaged in a fallacy.
- Gurus who perpetuate methods are just dream characters and are not awake to the dream. - They cannot be awake to it, because to impose methods onto their unfortunate followers, this must mean that they themselves are lost in inadvertence and a dreamscape.
They all behave like watchmakers trying to fix a clock that is no broken.

Zero Degrees of Separation!

You can rearrange all the ‘parts’ and all the ‘words’ as much as you like but the sum of the parts is NEVER equal to the WHOLENESS.

See how profound Bob’s words are: “Start from the FACT that you ARE THAT”.

Your partial view, in believing yourself to be separate, can never return to ‘the source view’.
You ARE Present and Aware. - Pure awareness without words. - Thoughtless reality.
SEE from such impartiality, see from this simple wakefulness, without adherence to any concept, no matter how sacred or spiritual it may appear to be.
SEE that you never move from THIS immediacy. - The conceptual movement is only mind stuff.
Within the bounds of a sustained view, the bonds of hypnosis will break and you will see that your true identity never shifts away into any appearances.
In some realms this so called knowledge is held up to be highly esoteric and secret knowledge. It is believed to be only worthy to be imparted to a few lucky ones. - Elite and deluded souls.
The irony of such beliefs is that this simple wakefulness is present in everyone.
It is erroneously sacrificed or overlooked in preference for the ‘special path’ of attainment - and so what you already have is bypassed due to an egoistic hunger.
- That is ‘a path’ to suffering.
Beware of teachers and gurus who speak of attainments, Time scales of deliverance and especially those who speak of unconditional love. - These are the most deranged and usually most charismatic. - Charisma is always ego based and only serves to deepen the seekers slavery to duality, even in the guise of Non Duality teachings.
These gurus and teachers are truly only signposts, pointing you away from your true essence.
There are NO exceptions in this. - Examples of these are very popular teachers in the West.
Some even 'put down' other teachers by saying that they are not teaching true Non Duality.
This is pure bunkum. - There is NO teaching of Non Duality. - Non Duality IS what IS.
Duality is just appearances, what 'appears to be'.
Even as I write this, I know that there may not even be one reader who understands what is written here.
Well, maybe one, but I know this One.