Thursday, December 29, 2005

One single factor

Well you may have one, two or three life insurance policies out on the ‘me’.
You will never be able to cash it or them in. If the ‘me’ dies (so-called), prior to the body’s disintegration, it will be impossible to convince the Insurance Company of its demise.
- It is imperative to see that all this expectation is worthless or just down right obstructive. - That is a paradox as well.
You may feel that you are waiting for the stage curtains to open before you can ‘do your thing’ but I assure you that there are no curtains. - Everything is seen!
There is nowhere to hide and nothing to cover yourself with.
Awareness is naked. - You are invisible. - All your costumes are made of dream stuff. - And the prancing about as all these multiple characters is simply in the dream.
“Much ado about nothing”.
It is just a lot of appearances all revolving around reference points in or on NO thing.
Trace it all back to the first instant of being-ness.
The Knowing is never in the object that appears.
This single factor when seen clearly to be the case, includes the immediate potentiality to decompose the bridge of identification for all 'time' hence.
Then (now) identification is known to be a fraud and that which is identified is also a fraud.
Many go on about the 'I am' yet they have not explored what this 'I' is.
The 'am' is the being. - AM is the verb 'to be'.
The 'Amness' is clear and obvious. - How long have you been around saying 'I this' and 'I that'. Find out what this 'I' is. - Have you given any of your precious 'time' to that investigation?
You don't have to travel or move into some special state to explore this.
All these precious spiritual characters and poncy teachers are just marionettes in YOUR world.
If the odd one is genuine and has anything of value to offer, then it is quickly imbided.
Protracted games of 'transmission' and 'service' is of the dreamscape only.
No matter what your circumstances may be, your authentic natural state of clear openness is always present.
The more you try to nut it out, the more it unfolds into more and more complex 'systems' and 'matrixes' of conceptual gabbage. - Trace it back to this simplicity of authentic presence.
It is never a matter of identification at all. - It is more like dis-identification. - Eliminate everything you cling to, until you arrive at your own true identity. - You won't disappear but all your 'baggage' will.
The ultimate discovery is ones true nature.
The natural identity needs no support in the phenomenal.
You are free! - Expose all the 'reasons' why you believe you are bound and see directly that there is no such bondage. - It is very simple but so very few even approach it.

"I am free". - Say it! - Does it ring true?
Where is the doubt?
Explore those doubts - see and know that you are not those ‘things’.
It may appear that I am cold about this in the written word. - I am not. - I know full well the situation that the seeker is apparently in. - Now, I am out of it. - If these words can assist then well and good.
It is just a bit too direct for many. - Let them hang onto their sacred beliefs. "Let the dead bury the dead". - It is time to shake the cage of erroneous beliefs. Without that, the sad stories will just perpetuate themselves.
No more sad stories.

Warm regards and a happy New Year - gilbert.