Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Fictional Characters

So the child reaches 'maturity' when it realizes that Santa may be a made up character? - Yes? So the adult reaches 'maturity' when it realizes that the 'me' is also a made up character? - Yes? It is commonly believed that reality is obscured for the seeker of oneness. - It is not obscured at all. - It is right here at all times. - It is all so very simple.
- It will always appear to be a paradox for the dualistic nature of ordinary mind. - 'No one' sees it because it cannot be seen. -And yet we can't really say that we don't see it. - 'No one' knows it because it cannot be known. - And we can't really say that we don't know it. - Why?
- Because it never compounds into any 'thing'. - Also: Because it is the Seeing. - Because it is the Knowing. - You look for it and try to conceptualize that which is ever prior to all concepts. - Naming it makes no difference at all. - Having given it all so many names, you think you understand it. - See precisely and clearly that all such 'time bound' conceptualizing is simply content of mind. - Are you that? - Or are you beyond that? - They all come and go.
- Do you come and go?
- All forgetting and remembering is just the parade of this 'content of mind'.
- Realize that all this content is transient. - Not one fraction remains as anything that we could assign the word 'permanent' to. - Nothing sticks. - The apparent continuity of this content is accompanied by habitual states in the body. - It all disappears in deep sleep. - Whatever is authentic does not disappear. - Find out what you truly are. - Self Knowledge.
-What is your authenticity? - It is counter productive to be anxious about it. - Relax into it.
- All circumstantial evidence is unreliable and relative and it is all from memory, so it is of the past. - The authentic is of this presence now. - How could it not be?
- We can only be it and yet we attempt to be all manner of other 'things' and qualities, which we deem to be superior or whatever. - Effortless presence awareness is this authenticity that you are. - You have had no choice in that, nor in anything else. - In fact the realization of that is not even anything other than transient content of mind. - The ever-present direct cognition is unmediated and that imparts to the mind what people call realization. - Realization comes and goes. - So it is not and can never be the authentic presence. - Those who have an intellectual approach will find difficulty with these expressions. - The singular fact is that direct cognition (knowing) cannot be turned off. - All proof to the contrary is just opinions and hear say.
- Do yourself a favour and listen to the last Podcast of Bob and Eliot with their fresh guest Rick. - It is pretty thorough. - No monkey business going on their. - Even the organ grinder is on holidays. - The link to the Advaita Show is at the bottom of Bob's webpage on my Website. - Forget about your Non Duality Heroes. - Forget about guru worship and fairy dust. - Listen to some genuine communication.
- See if you can detect any 'superiority' in Bob's responses to questions. - He treats all equally - as THAT. - No carrots are dangled before you. - No unconditional love stories. Just straight talking. - That knowing presence does not need to perpetuate its 'position'. Ever fresh and new.
Happy New Year Cheers - Gilbert