Friday, January 20, 2006

Walking with the Moon

Soon this website will be reduced to a minimum.
It will point to Bob Adamson as the one to resonate with.
I am finding that talking and writing about all this has its limits.
Many just want entertainment. - After writing regularly for many months, I find that I have covered a lot of subtle points which are not usually spoken of. - Not much more can be added. - A lot can be removed in fact.
My new CD is a very direct means of pointing to what needs to be seen and it does that in many subtle ways. - It will do the job a lot better than words on a screen.
As for me, I find that a blending with the oneness of things is just happening all by itself.
Recent discussions with intellectual friends has shown me clearly how difficult it is for them to let go of the minds conceptual bias. - The message in such cases must come through something like feeling resonance. - There is a lot of fear to letting go of old ways of seeing things.
Bob is a master of dealing with such seekers. - I find I am just tired of hitting 'golf balls' in a golf course that has no holes, not to mention flags.
This moment of realization is perfect just as it is in everyone. - Where is the problem?
Those who are open to receiving the message are open to it. - Most are not. - Life itself will knock the stuffing out of some and that will open them up. - Then they will find what they need.
The subtle point is that nothing is happening. - There is a silence in the core of being. - If there is no openness to that, then the attention keeps going with the noise and concepts.

Every step you take, is in THIS Moment.
Just as the moon appears to stay with you as you walk along a beach on a full moon lit night. Another, walking in the opposite direction, sees the Moon travel with them.
The further something appears to be away from you, the closer it is.
Fence palings wiz by as you drive down that country road.
The Moon stays with you all the way.

The closest of all, is this Moment.
It touches the ALL, is everywhere, instantly, without moving.
It's vastness contains all directions at once, without limiting any of them.

The long and winding road home. - Never arriving. - Paying homage to an illusion.
The seekers trudging journey to that elusive reference point in mind and memory.
Disappointing and unsatisfactory. - It’s all a bit like sweeping away at a dirt (earth) pathway.
You just come up with more and more dirt.
Delusions of grandeur being a last ditch turn in the road for the hopeful and aspirant guru.
The apparent addiction to ‘acquisition’ or what is called ‘the progressive path’ will never disappear for the seeker.
The hope of ‘completion’ remains at a distance ‘up ahead’.
It, the seeker, is nothing but an energy pattern, which repeats itself over and over.
It is just a series of ‘reactions’ (if we accept that it exists at all).
Basically, it may be said that if the ‘addiction’ disappears, so does the ‘seeker’.
The seekers apparent ‘ability’ is to turn any fortuitous experience into more beliefs, as a personal merit or as a claim on some quality of superiority for itself.
It is all nothing but more and more belief patterns.
None of them can stand up to any clear investigation.

Because this is not seen clearly, it perpetuates itself on and on and can appear as very subtle belief patterns, which seem impossible to remove.
The thought to remove them is just another psychological posture and it itself is just more content.
Or it may appear as the opposite of the previous, as a demerit or some form of belief in unworthiness, seemingly acquired from an unwanted experience.

All experience-ING is IN this Moment and nowhere else. - How could it be anywhere else?
This is all we have.
- No thought or chronological instrument can divide THIS moment.

'I' - am this Moment - this 'One'. - This 'One Moment'.
Ha! - It is no big deal.

'I' and 'understanding' is this unmediated knowing. - There is NO split here.
it is far too obvious to be ever captured by any concept.

Ever-present and ordinary.