Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Habitual Myopic View - of the seeker

Basically a seeker is a denial of what is.
- However, it has no volition and so can’t truly deny anything at all. - So, all this pandering to the seekers needs is useless.
- The fact remains that few ever drop the seeker posture. - Like a distortion lens for the mind, it has a bias of selfishness, self-centred-ness. - How this biased view is dropped will remain a mystery. - It has much to do with how our attention is focused on a continuous series of fixations, points of identification with ‘things’. Objectifications.
- If one were to rest in openness to what is and to let the view be periphery, without any fixation on the habitual myopic view, then direct cognition would be more obvious.
But even then the tendency is to try and make it into something 'other', a practice or whatever.
- Ever fresh and new!
- Whatever the mind translates from the direct experience-ing is only more pathways into the habitual mindscape, where the hypnotic brain pattern draws one back into its habits.
- A natural open presence to those tendencies in mind is needed.
- However, any active effort to overcome them is just more mind content and that is always biased and so myopic by nature.
- So, we can conclude from that, that all these methods and practices concerning meditation or transcendence are prone to delusional conclusions and mind games. - One wants to place oneself in the scheme of 'things'.
- This is why for some; it is only when the mind has exhausted all avenues and gives up, that realization happens.
- The trap in that is that it is a transitory event in time and space and is only momentary.
- By letting it be just be as it is, then misapprehensions are avoided.
- What spiritual aspirants consistently miss is ....that which is ever present.
- Because it is ever present, it is not noticed to be of any value, since the predominant psychological posture is one of ‘seeking’. - "I want to be self realized".
- Paradoxically, ‘pointers’ like, “What you are seeking, you already are”, and “Full Stop”, are not received openly by a mind taken up with the activities or efforts of seeking.
- It's a denial of what is already present.
- Examples of this ignorance are clearly evident in the fact that so few hear the message openly.
- Recently I came across some texts, previously unknown to me, which I found to be extremely expressive of a clear expose of the Non Duality subject. - That revelation showed me that it has already been told so very clearly. - One out of several hundred monks hear what was really being conveyed. - The rest just plod on with their practices.
- The direct teachings of Zen Masters such as Huang Po have exposed the errors of dualistic mind very clearly, many centuries ago. - Such text is not appetizing to the egoistic seeker and so the news is ignored, if it is ever come across by such seekers.
- It is just all too confronting and disruptive to the biased view and invested beliefs.
- Most Buddhists everywhere ignore or simply do not understand the direct ‘pointing’ out of the erroneous view of practices etc. - Buddhism is meant to be about non-attachment yet the majority appear to be very attached to the atmosphere and trappings of being a Buddhist etc.

- Therefore, I may well conclude that it is useless to speak of this much longer.
- The most popular teachers are those who erroneously keep seekers on a 'path'.
- The donkey wants his carrot or he wont move.
- "Well he can bloody well stay where he is as far as I am concerned, he ain't getting no carrot from me".

- Clear ‘pointing’ is readily available in astoundingly clear texts in a few good books.
- Although many of these 'clear' older books are still available, it is rare that they are readily stocked by many spiritual bookshops.
In keeping with such trends, passed gurus like Ramana Maharshi have been turned into Gods, which is ridiculous and so contradictory to what he was pointing at.
- Adoring a photo of a living or dead guru while ignoring your own true essence is quite absurd and totally obscuring to ones own clear sight.

- Seekers in the main just don't hear what is being said. - They take what they want to hear and ignore the rest. - They twist it into some convenient jargon and go on in the same old ways.

- If we look at it closely, when it comes to any ‘clear teaching’, there are those who are open to it and the majority are not.
- How the few come to be open to it is a mystery ( if there is not an investigation happening).

- There is no shortage of teachers.
- There is no shortage of seekers.
- The cessation of teaching and the cessation of seeking is rare.

- However, beyond all this sprouting one can come to see that everything just happens as it does.
- The Buddha’s quotation says it all:
“Events happen, deeds are done, there is no individual doer thereof”.

All there is, is this moment of direct experience-ing.
- This is all there ever IS.
- Knowing is primary.
- It is ever fresh and it is not based on the past.
- Memory colours the present view if indulged in.

- Pure Knowing:
- It is not about the known - and it is not about the knower.
- Both appear in pure knowing and so they are just appearances, just like everything else in pure knowing.
- Know the truth of that and the 'journey' is over.

- Present and aware.