Saturday, January 28, 2006

No one wants to know

If you have not read Burt's on line book, then I suggest that you do so.
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Today's offering:

If your famous guru were to expound anything like the following note, a mass exodus would follow with only a few deaf stragglers hanging on.
No one wants to know what the true situation is.
Do they just want some comfort and ego support? Ask the Guru, she or he knows the answer to that one.

One without a second.
The Whole is undifferentiated in its immediate essential nature. - In the appearance of space and time it appears as all the diverse and differentiated ‘things’, space and time realms.
- The individual is nothing.Not knowing that, there arises a ‘seeking’ process in space and time. -Each apparent individual appears to need to discover its own nothing-ness.
- Only then will the seeking disappear. - I cannot reveal your nothing-ness for you.
- You must see and know it.Paradoxically, in that seeing there is no you that sees.
- Seeing encompasses the appearance of a ‘you’ and it is seen to be nothing at all.
- The individual identity dissolves or appears to dissolve, since it never was anything, so it can’t dissolve.
- The ‘seeker’ has no appetite for this discovery.
- That which SEES this dissolution (and indeed sees everything) is already FREE.
- What claim can a ‘seeker’ make upon this open ground of no thing?
- To set oneself up as a representative of truth is a falsehood.
- Having discovered this, there is a natural inclination to rest back in ordinary life.
- Where is the problem? - Some will say that all seekers must be released from the dream.
- My experience is that almost all seekers do not hear the message. - Selective hearing.
- Their inclination is to find some support for the ‘me’, yet disguised as a spiritual entity, a worthiness etc.
- It is just another absurdity. - There is no problem. - Remove yourself from your normal environment and sit in nature for awhile. - It is clear and obvious that there is no problem. They all reside somewhere else in another space and time. - Drop the reference points and see clearly that nothing touches this freedom that you are.
- It is immediate and ever fresh.