Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Are you Free?

Todays Note:

What is freedom?
Freedom is not found through concepts. Freedom IS.
Stop believing that the intellect will ‘bring’ you to an understanding of freedom or ‘Non Duality’.
The most elusive factor is the most obvious.
Everything appears in this ONE - Just as everything appears in (your) awareness.
Same principle! - Same same.
It is all too obvious.
All the mind can do with it, is to conceptualize more and more realms of analysis and conceptual projections.
Isn't there awareness of it ALL no matter what it appears as.
Same principle! - Too damn obvious.

All the worldly evidence (conceptual knowledge) contradicts the ‘direct knowing’ which is always present. - It is given no credence since its nature is emptiness.
It needs none!
In the ordinary 'sense of things', you have most likely taken on board all kinds of knowledge and it is ALL ‘second hand’ and 'of the past'.
Why does the Professor forget where he left his glasses? - Because he has 'set up camp' in the intellect - and is not 'consciously' connected to his presence and the immediate receipt of impressions appears to by-pass him. - 'He' as a psychological 'thing', ignores the present evidence in preference for 'like minded stuff', a mindscape of theories and explanations of things that are not even 'here'.
- Precious Knowledge - of erroneous factors and hypothesis.
- Does it ring a bell? - Eccentric characters - off centre.
- The 'One pointedness' of meditation techniques is similar. - Myopic.
All this knowledge has come from ‘out there’, while what is closest is ignored.
In a certain way, every molecule of this universe is pointing back at what you are.
The very impressions received are the nourishment of knowing everything you need to know.
We ignore it and go with our personal drama and dreams.
When the attention ceases to flow ‘out’ like a bleeding and dying beast nor into imaginary mindscapes, - When the attention is retained in a delicate balance of presence to what is, then the boundary between inside and outside vanishes.
- It is expressed as “I am That”.
‘I am That’ is a destroyer of ignorance and imaginary boundaries.
‘I am Free’ is equally devastating to the limited beliefs of any seeker.
The natural courage to utter those words is there as the untapped potentiality that you ARE.
Who needs a Guru?
‘Claim’ what is naturally your own and then discard the ‘claimer’ and be the freedom that you ARE.