Tuesday, February 07, 2006

You ain't going nowhere!

New Audio file from Mark West is excellent. - It is in two parts named as #5 and #6 - due to its length.
It is most revealing and will be of great interest to anyone with a Buddhist background.
The latest Audio file, if not working, will appear within hours (if you find a notice saying 'fault' or whatever) so try again later.

An email:

“Gilbert, how do you explain how existence or the appearance, appears so real and solid, if in fact, it is nothing?
And How do you explain that Nothing is happening or Nothing ever happened or Nothing will ever happen?”-

“Even an explanation comes from nothing, appears and disappears.
The 'I' is that 'nothing'.
It can only be Known by you as the Knowing activity and yet the 'you' knows nothing.
There is one 'I' and no 'other'.
It is in-explicable and unknowable in any objective sense.
It alone is real. It has no boundary and it imparts all the qualities to what you see as being real or otherwise.
Look and see for yourself.
Don't look to me or anyone else for any answers”.
- warm regards - gilbert.

“Got it!”

Today's controversial Note:

You ain’t going nowhere.
All your luggage is empty and useless.

You are the Centre of your World.
Everything and everyone else is appearing IN that world.
So, all is an appearance in your-self.
I know this as ‘I AM’. - (You know this as 'I AM'.)
Because this is known ‘here’ completely, so also I know this is true for ‘you’ also.
The apparent differences between what I call ‘I’ and what I call ‘you’ are only in appearance. One source.
The source of duality is Non Duality.
The source of misunderstanding is understanding (knowing).
The source of all sound is silence.
The source of all movement is stillness.
The source of all Chaos is Order.
The source of all content is Emptiness.
The ‘I’ is the same ‘I’ there and here.
It is not that ‘we’ are ‘one’. It is because the ‘one’ appears are two.
Without ‘one’ being the source of ‘the all’ then nothing would ‘be’.
However this ‘being’ is only the ‘AM-ness’ which appears from the ‘I’.
The ‘I’ is unknowable and its nature is cognizing emptiness.

Paradoxically no one wants to know this.
Yet it is what each and everyone IS.
Hidden from the seeker is the very thing that they search for.
It is hidden by the activity of seeking and identification of objectifications.
What is it?
Simple everyday knowing.
With nothing added as mind content, it reveals itself as the singular constant, which
one knows as oneself
.....................................and nothing more.

That is love.

Points of interest, for a few:

Three of my close friends are leaders in their respective fields of dedicated interest.

John Smith is a Rolfer who has written an excellent book on ‘Structural Bodywork’, published by Elsevier, Churchill, Livingstone. His book is making waves 'out there'.
David Lake is an ‘excellent chap’ with a big heart and is co-author with Steve Wells, of Pocket Guide to Emotional Freedom, an EFT method. David Hall is a Feldenkrais practitioner who has a new CD set for exploring ‘awareness through movement’ in his own expansive style. David's new website is under construction.

Here are two of the websites:

John Smith www.rolfingworks.com.au

David Lake www.eftdownunder.com

David Hall's email: davidhall@bodylogic.net.au