Sunday, January 29, 2006

An email to share.

Hi Gilbert,

I just wanted to say that I have been reading and appreciating your
"First Instant" blog for a while now.

I don't call myself a seeker or an intellectual, but I am interested in
Advaita and other non-dual teachings (Zen etc.) and I have an
intellectual type background. - I also see that we have to sidestep our
thinking processes to experience reality directly.

Sometimes, Advaita seems a bit too fundamentalist to me.
- The intellectual part of me is interested in issues such as free will or the
nature of time, and Advaita writings sometimes seem to be over
simplistic. - That's OK though, because I think the point of Advaita or
Zen is not to provide an intellectual explanation of reality but to
point towards a direct experience of reality.

Anyway, I don't want to answer your question about intellectuals and non-
duality and the laws of physics (they seem unrelated to me), but to wish
you well and thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights.
- Love, Jeremy

Hi Jeremy,
-Thanks for the email.
Yes, what you say is clear to me.

What is revealed is that I am alone.
There are no 'others'.
This sharing just happens.

I write to myself. - Why? - Who knows?

When I slip into believing that there are 'others' who need to know something etc, it seemingly gets complicated. It's always simple.

I see it as a rose to a peak and is lowering (itself) back into the natural state of being water, which it always was.

Once I cared about the miss-understanding being perpetuated 'out there' by apparently unscrupulous egoistic teachers etc.

It's all just appearing to 'happen'.

Warm regards - Gilbert.