Sunday, January 29, 2006

Read it once and make your move - that is all.

You are present and aware.

There is sensation and perception happening.

It does not depend on any will-fulness or action on your part.

It is natural.

The body and mind appear to be central to what you are.

You appear by all accounts to be in a world.

You are the centre of this world.

This is your apparent individuality.

All these ‘elements’ are transitory within awareness itself.

They are all subject to time and change in the appearance of how things are.

The spiritual aspirant believes that one can stabilize all the ‘elements’ - and so enter into a so-called higher state of awareness.
( no higher or lower states of awareness exist - just simple uncomplicated awareness)

All manner of practices and methods are apparently diligently implemented so as to achieve an ‘end result’.

At ‘the end of the day’ - it all remains transitory and relative except for one factor.

What do you know of this factor?

What is it?

You are present and aware. - Surely you know what it is!

It is just that! - You are present and aware.

It may be a shock to hear that all ‘spiritual paths’ are a falsehood.

All of them!

If you are fortunate, you may stumble upon a ‘teaching’ which actually negates the whole façade, even the belief that there is a teaching.

The paradox only arises in the mind’s habitual notions and the mind projections of the ‘time realms’ of past and future. - The projection is from the immediate actuality and the projection is believed to be real. - So even this erroneous set of beliefs is arising from and within the actual and immediate reality.

The so-called ‘teacher’ of such a ‘non-teaching’ gently or abruptly robs the aspirant of all ‘conceptual ground’ and belief.

This alone reveals a ‘view’ which is direct and unmediated knowing.

This view cannot be described successfully in words.

It is direct experiencing and nothing outside of that.

In the appearance of ‘time’, new teachers appear from contact with this ‘non-teaching’.

Even though the message can be conveyed via books etc, a personal contact appears to be a multi-dimensional introduction with a few receiving the full impact of that in a direct manner.

It is a ‘shock’ which penetrates the ‘time bound’ state of hypnosis.

The habitual mind states are stilled and the view reveals its presence - and so the mind is freed from its habitual views. - One moment is enough. - This may require only one such ‘shock’ - or it may appear to require several.
- Each case is different and yet the same. One moment of clear unobstructed in-sight - Seeing.

However, make no mistake about this following factor:

Nothing is acquired that was not already present.

One is left present and aware, as one always was and is. - No paradox is actually here in the non dual stateless state of simple awareness.

The erroneous power of the mind to wander into hypnotic states is broken (Once only).

Everything continues as usual.

No harm done.

There never was a problem.

A living teacher to look at - is Bob Adamson.

- His website link is on this Website.