Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Centre of the World?

Well, it seems logical that you are the centre of the world.
(What that 'you' is, is another matter.)
What do you know about this centre?
If you do not know this thoroughly, then what else could you possibly know?
All the impressions are registering 'right there' in that inner space of consciousness, which only
apparently is limited by that body of yours, according to popular or common belief structures.
There is a direct 'path' for light touches you most intimately, where there is no division of 'me' and 'other'.
As you look into (investigate) this centre (of perception) it just opens up more and more.
In letting go of any attachment or any concept, one finds a natural freedom, where nothing is needed to cling to or hold onto.
The courage to enter THIS fully does not come from any psychology or stance in mind.
It is already here as the authentic being presence that you are.
THIS reveals itself as the natural state, which has always been with you.

One finds no one else is here. - All 'others' are 'appearances' only.
Seeing these others, in my world, worship gurus like Ramana and singing their praises, glorifying them as if they were gods, is just another absurdity.
So delusional!
It is all spiritual shenanigans and nothing more than that.
If you cannot love yourself and know yourself, what good is all this identification with these special 'others'.
To speak of this is directly confronting to most 'seekers'. - So what?
'Who' is upset?

I can say "Hey! You Idiot! See what you are doing!?"
"You have set yourself apart from your own authentic presence by giving credence to an illusion". - Blank stares from a hypnotized 'seeker'. - Wake up. THIS immediate knowing is all there IS.
Don't throw it away on egoistic 'leaders' of delusion.

But I see that this note to you is also useless. - Or is it?
These 'others' are just an appearance including the illustrious guru.
Crush this hypnotic state of mind and wake to your own authenticity.
That alone is what you seek and the paradox is that it is always here.
It is non conceptual awareness.

As Bob says: Start from the FACT that you are THAT.
'Then', which can only NOW, this centre of 'your' world loses its boundaries and a natural embracing of all as oneself, is present.
Naturally expansive!

Can something come out of nothing?
Can something return to nothing?
Only in the dream!

So if you consider that you are seeking, who is it that wants to be free?
All that spiritual knowledge is actually useless and rather boring, except for spiritual 'prattle' over coffee.
'Truth Franchise gurus' would have nothing to sell, if they told it straight.

They can't tell it straight because you are the ONE, not they.

As long as they make believe and do not 'point' you immediately and directly at your natural freedom, then they are just dream characters.

There is NO exception in this.