Saturday, February 18, 2006

Seeing is happening - knowing is happening.

'Seeing-Knowing' are spontaneously happening.
- In that there is direct knowing of all you need to know. - It is the elimination of beliefs which uncovers the innate knowing presence, which is your authentic being-ness.
When a fog clears away, that which was always here is seen clearly.
- Nothing has happened except the fog has cleared.
This is effortlessly achieved by resting in the true nature of mind, which is clear and empty. Usually such direct instructions are rejected too quickly, as being unachievable by the aspirant.
This is simply due to habitual attachments to a mindset, which has little faith in what is authentic.
Your authentic nature is in direct communion with what is real. - It is 'the real'.
All the rest is simply reference points arising within the realm of direct cognition.
The reference point called 'me' is simply a phantom character within this realm of reference points.
It cannot see, know or be anything with any independent nature or separateness.
It can never attain anything at all.
It's apparent life is a dream and nothing more than that.
All such activity registers in the immediacy of direct cognition and never compounds into anything beyond THIS immediacy. - There is nothing outside of THIS moment!
Wakefulness IS. - No one ever awakens as a 'who-ness'.
- Teacher who go on about a future time when you will awaken are telling a 'whopper'.
In the context of this immediate and direct experiencing of now, who is free and who is bound? It is all mind processes and that is TIME.
This immediacy has never been anywhere other than right here.
It is not horizontal or vertical. - No up or down. - No higher or lower.
All such concepts are just concepts, held by a self-centre in an apparent reality which has NO autenticity whatsoever.
A concept can never SEE. - Seeing is happening and the 'seer' is a phantom, a reflection in the mind.
- 'Who' really wants to unveil that?
The 'imposter' does not even have the power to reveal its own phantasy.
Pure seeing strips it bare.
- 'Who' is hiding in the shadows?
What is authentic remains authentic and uncorruptable and what is unreal simply remains as unreal.
'Who' is it that has a problem with that or anything else?
So you see, it is pointless in trying to make any 'other' see anything.
Those seemingly caught in fundamental views are (only appearing to) trying endlessly to convert 'others' to see what they see. - Yet what they apparently 'see' and believe in is only their own mind content.
- Common mind is hypnosis!!! (Ha! Who would agree with that?)
- It is 'Club Mentality' and totally vulnerable.
- It is slavery to concepts and erroneous beliefs.
- The irony is that there is no one bound into a self-centre.
- Dream characters will never be anything except dream characters.

If you feel that you are lost in a dream, look back into the space of seeing and see that the dreaming is happening within. - It will quickly vanish. - In this way you will discover the open space of intelligence that you are and know that you are free of it.
If you believe yourself to be a 'spiritual person' then it will remain closed to that fixation.
- However, in dropping such concepts, it spontaneously opens up for as long as there is no grasping at reference points. - In grasping at some 'past notion', then freedom appears to recede.
- That movement of open receptivity will break the hypnotic dream (if only briefly) and the authentic will reveal itself as this ever present presence awareness.
Seeing is happening - knowing is happening.
Teachers who rant and rave and say that there is something called 'not seeing' are deluded and nothing more than dream characters.
Seekers are dreamers. - Seekers are not finders. - Popular teachers are dream weavers.
No matter how you appear to reconstruct your view of reality, it remains as a personalized view and you must see that the 'person' is a dream character.

Dreaming that you are traveling towards awakening is the 'big con' job.

Wakefulness IS. - It is unattainable simply because is already IS.
Realizing that, you need never pick up another book on the subject.
You need not read another line about it anywhere.
Look at all the troubles over religion. - Where has the essential message disappeared to?
Misunderstandings parading as superior understanding.
Bloody minded fundamentalist with guns and bombs.

Wakefulness can never be bound by words.

The four noble paths lead away from THIS immediate moment, into the realms of mind.
Whatever way it appears to unfold in this precious 'time' of the mind, the bottom line is:

No harm done.