Wednesday, March 29, 2006

10 gallon can of Non Duality for sale.

News: Insomnia - It appears to be remarkably wide spread.
We need good quality sleep for the body to function well. - In response to this 'problem', there has arisen an idea and so I am working on a CD for insomniacs. - It will be available soon.
I have recently received many emails of encouragement to keep writing these notes.
So, I have just gone through my notebook and pulled out some recent ones.
Here are 3 of them.

God is a three letter word.
‘I’is a singular letter word.
(in fact one could say that it isn’t a word at all)
‘I’am the original, yet un-originated singularity.

Non Duality – No big deal!!! Is it? - For 'whom' is it a big deal?
Once the gist of the message is tasted, the fascination with the subject of Non Duality ceases to feed the imagination.
The ever-present pure functions of seeing and knowing cut away any habitual leaning towards imagination.
What was interesting and full of erroneous factors is released and 'replaced' by the fullness of natural presence, which was always present but ignored.
The authentic pure functioning is not split into 'parts' and all the senses are known, without any need of ‘thinking about it’, to be effortlessly present. - It is ‘the’ knowing. - Not two.
The superimposition of a self-image is still habitually appearing but it is known, without contemplation, to be ephemeral and just like a leaf falling though space.
The unchanging presence of knowing is beyond the phenomenal appearances of all things.
Inexplicably so.
Nothing is adhered to and so this spontaneous freedom remains as it is without 'ownership'.
This unicity in being applies to all 'others' without any need of contemplation about that.
Yet the drama of life unfolds and is displayed within this space of immediacy and even though there is no centre within this, it appears that 'I' am that centre.
In the investigation of that apparent centre, one realizes absolute freedom, even though there is no one to realize anything.
(What a conundrum for intellectuals)

All efforts to acquire enlightenment are useless.
Totally useless!
Who amongst all the teachers will tell you this?
All traditional paths have appeared to degenerate into imaginary pathways of acquisition.
This is due to ignorance and indulgence in 'time' - and also to egoistic teachers who have distorted the message and who bring in down into dualistic notions and so, they have embedded the message in conflicting notions in their own minds. All quite natural considering the 'ground' of their understanding.
So that is what they teach, 'time and process'. - You need 'a ticket' to ride.
These teachers are part of ‘the pretense’, the pretense of ‘having’ something ‘superior’, which you are meant to long for and imitate as best you can. - Of course the imitation is inevitably of egoistic behaviour. - Few seem to recognise that however it is blazingly obvious.
Do they sit with you in an ordinary way and speak without ‘airs’ of being untouchable and beyond what you are?
Isn’t that, itself, an insult so gross and absurdly egoistic?
In the appearance, it seems that they feed their own egoistic notions and that they encourage your belief in their High Acquisitions and their Superior Knowledge.
It is, of course, misleading.
It is the ego that confuses what is true and this confusion can only appear confusing within the fixations of the egoistic mind.
The apparent emergence of clarity from confusion is only in the appearance of things.
Clarity is as it always is.
For the mind, the true ‘way’ re-appears via ‘the immediacy of negation’ not via ‘the path of acquisitions’.
When the open view pierces the illusion of the ‘me’, then all
erroneous notions are transcended, even though they never existed.
If we postulate that liberation happens, then ‘When’ this ‘happens’ for oneself, it is a subtle silent liberation.
Nothing happens.
Only a free one can understand such words.

Cloud Hidden, Whereabouts unknown (Version 2).
A ‘ripe’ seeker travels many thousands of miles to see the master.
Upon arriving, it is found, that the master has left his normal abode.
The reaction in the ‘seeker’ is immediately seen and recognised in awareness for what it is.
In the appearance of things, the pattern we commonly call the ‘seeker’ is transcended in one moment of insight.
This account demonstrates that the physical presence of the master is not necessary.
The true master is ‘your own’ authentic being-ness, in which there is no boundary or ownership whatsoever.
In the appearances of space and time, it appears that we may travel a long distance to be released from the illusions of time and space. Essence is revealed as the unchanging.
In fact, many thousands of miles or light years are spontaneously transcended and embraced by this singular presence of immediate living realisation.
It ain't packed in a glossy 'Non Duality' 10 gallon Can. - You can't buy it from a guru.
It is here in its completeness right now.
Stop 'looking for it' and just see.
This is IT.
Just as it is.
Right Now, as it ever IS.