Saturday, April 08, 2006

Introduction to another Note.

It must be noted that anything expressed about the nature of Non Duality can never be 100 per cent accurate.
It is all in the realms of relativity.
The best any set of expressions can do is to circle around and point the attention, like a double pointed arrow, at that which is seeing and knowing.
(Like standing in front of the mirror and pointing at yourself saying "That's him" (or her) - who's pointing?)
(The twin points merge as one - as 'the seer' and 'the seen' are transcended in pure seeing - the origin of seeing is discovered!!!)
Expressions are always relative and so they are relatively adequate and inadequate.
Some appear to release the bondage of concepts and others appear to bind even more.

Nothing is truly bound by anything and all is 'made' of one energy and so equal in its nature, yet relative and so dualistic in its appearance. - NO harm done! - (Buddhists take note!)

Language itself is naturally objective and since ‘that’ which is cognizing cannot know itself to be restricted as an object, nor liberated as a subject (since a conceived subject would have to be an object), ‘it’ remains, forever ineffable. - It IS the freshness of THIS moment.
When speaking of these things it is quite easy to end up sounding like a raving idiot to a normally intelligent person.
Who cares? - and speaking or not speaking just happens anyway.
Speaking from the relativity of 'personal experiences', there is one factor which I perceive regularly and that is this:
Nothing amongst all this activity actually compounds into anything of lasting substance.
I find I am this emptiness in which all this parade of ‘things’ appear.
Like a bird in full flight, nothing sticks and the resistance of this ‘knowing movement’ is neither of an object in space or time, nor is it (or am I) a subject of any description.
As one of my teachers pointed out so poignantly many years ago: “This moment is fresh and new. It has never happened before and it will never happen again.
It is not conditioned by the past”.
The profundity of those few words revealed itself as they arose in my consciousness many times, as if by some unknown volition.
Like a distant bell tolling they heralded a shift in perception.
They may also assist you, if quietly contemplated.
In my case, it never fails to open up a space of clarity for the mind.
(However I am the space - at all times - which is always Now!)
Even though the common mind is puzzled by such words, the puzzlement fades away as the revelation expands.
The fixation of being ‘someone’ also fades away and leaves the true nature of mind so clearly obvious. (It is not an objective experience - it is spaceous in nature)
The ordinary ego based mind can’t really get a handle on such direct and open experiencing and so the natural wisdom remains beyond the reach of conceptualization and so it is not tampered with.
It remains ever clear and obvious. - A certitude.
All these words here feel rather cumbersome compared to what I am trying to 'get at'.
However, I know that some appreciate the effort that I ‘appear’ to make in writing them.
Having said all that, I can say that the following note contains some of the ‘points’ which can ‘turn the boat around’.
It is just an expression.
There is no wrong direction, as such.
I am sure you get my ‘drift’.
So, onto the note I mentioned which appears as "Authentic is authentic".

P.S. Humour:
For those who are tormented by the sacred spiritual tradition and so are bent on remembering something, remember this:-

Wisdom can appear anywhere:-

Eg: Toilet Block wall - “Don’t bother singing to pigs. Your throat just gets sore and the pigs get grossly annoyed”.