Sunday, May 14, 2006

There is no-one to Wake up! - Freedom is HERE.

Now read this carefully!
What good has all your guru - hero worship really done?
You search for the key in every scrap of evidence, in every word of self-professed saviours and tricksters. - Don't you see that they all are just appearances in your awareness?
- They all are 'out there' and represent nothing but dreamy characters in your own mind-scape. The dissolution of your troubles cannot dissolve as long as you project these fixated terrains of hope and glorified beings.
Bring it all back to the immediate self evident facts of direct cognition. - Direct knowing is the overlooked basic freedom.
The key to your freedom is nowhere other than right there AS this natural wakefulness.
- It ain't in some CD or in some guru or someone 'out there'.
In fact it isn't even a key because - there is NO LOCK.
SEEING is Happening......
Knowing is happening.....

Whatever the mind throws up is only an appearance.
There is NOTHING in it.

The so-called supreme knowledge that everyone projects onto so-called masters like Ramana is really this ordinary presence awareness.
- NOT the content!!!! - NEVER the content!
Once this is ascertained as the direct and immediate presence, without any entity, then where can you go?
- What do you need?

Nothing! - Too Simple. - NO big deal!!!!!!
Such news goes against, cuts asunder all the conditioning - and that is because it is not 'a story' - it is a fact!
That is why everyone misses it, because they are looking for a big deal, a wonderful story of enlightenment.
'Big Deals' are everywhere, a dime a dozen, and we PAY over and over for Nothing......
Why? - because Nothing compounds or consolidates into anything with any all.
This is so obvious in this immediate moment - YES, this moment right NOW! - right there in the empty space of knowing in which your body is appearing NOW.

Some direct - 'real information' comes along, potent with freedom, and we ignore it.
What strange creatures we are.

There is NO TIME to waste or not waste, so 'get on with it'.
Don't waste energy on being offended by any words and prattling non-duality arguments.
Grab it at the root of being and SEE what is what.
It can be very quick and very direct. - Nothing stands in your way except your own imagination. Stop and See that you are free. - How can any thought bind you?
Find the empty space of immediate knowing and BE that only.

You are FREE.
Where is the doubt?

There is no-one to wake up - Seeing IS happening.

Such directness exposes the complicated 'stories' of the enlightenment process and deliverance etc. All these stories are just stories for the mind. They are appearing to be perpetuated by 'hand me down gurus' and 'loving teachers'.

So, the illustrious teacher says that it will take 5 to 10 years for
deliverance and insists on methods and meditation practices etc.

The Voice of true freedom says NO!
It is RIGHT NOW - as it ever IS.
As long as you entertain these concepts of a future time, it will keep
the mind trapped in its own woven or matted beliefs.
It does not matter how gross or how subtle the concepts are, they are nothing but concepts. Re-presentations or simply distortions of or in whatever is immediate and obvious.
This pointing out is never popular because it suggests that there is something that one is not seeing or understanding and that brings up a resistance. The self-centre is only a reference point and can't see anything.
So the resistance is nothing other than the self-centre which in the actuality, has no substance, no volition and no place of abidance, except as content in the mind. A belief.
If you try to ‘pin down’ this fixation or these beliefs, you find that it is not possible.
If you turn it around and try to find 'what it is that is cognizing' in yourself, then what is revealed is the very thing (non thing) that you have been searching for (in the wrong place).
As all this 'unfolds', all the 'mind stuff' loses its 'magnetic pull' revealing the natural openness which has always been present.
Presence awareness.