Sunday, May 07, 2006

Belief in mind stuff.


I've been reading Bob's two books and a question has come up which I'm curious about.
I was wondering if this email address was an appropriate means of asking Bob, or yourself, if you know, a question.
What is presented in the books seems very straightforward and clear.
While awake there appears to be some understanding of what is being pointed out.
However, it must not have fully sunk in as while dreaming there is still a strong identity with the dream character and the dream world, and no clue whatsoever about being only awareness and not the dream character.
While awake, there is some understanding that the waking world is dream-like, but that understanding does not extend at all to the dream world.
Perhaps, the identity with a separate self is still too strong in the waking state as well, but at least there is some sense that I'm really awareness and not a separate entity.
I understand the falsity of the ego entity, but assume there must still be some belief in it, or it seems doubtful there would arise the full belief in this character in the dream state.
My question is this: The dream world appears for an apparent "someone", if it is totally understood that there is no real "someone", but only awareness, does that mean the dream world would cease to appear?
In other words, if there is total understanding of what I really am and what I could never be, it seems logical there would be no cause for a dream world.
Or, if there is a dream world it would appear as transparent as the waking world.
Does Bob dream at night? ~ and if so, is the there the same disbelief in the dream character in the dream world as in the waking state character?
I realise this whole question can be passed off as only mental gymnastics and such, but because there is a nightly experience of a totally ignorant dream character it seems like a matter worth questioning.
Sorry, if I'm barking up the wrong tree with this email address.
Thought it was worth a try.
Thank you ~ Steve

All there is, is experience-ing.
Everything is in appearance.
The assignment of entities and dream characters is all in 'the appearance of things'.
The title of Bob's first book says it all.
The title of the second book says it all.
You can't work it out in the mind~ an answer is not in the mind.
Mind content is fresh and new every moment.
This moment right now is the ONLY moment there is.
What comes and goes? Are you that?
This moment has no beginning and no end.
This direct experiencing is all there is.
Nothing actually compounds or consolidates into anything~ except as 'apparent content of mind'.
Concepts are concepts. ~ Knowing is Knowing. ~ Which of these is unchanging?
Concepts are seemingly individualized.
Awareness is non-dual and universally present everywhere.
Seeing is happening.
The 'seer' is an apparent formation like a 'lens' in the mind. A pattern. It is not fixed or even stable. ~ This needs to be 'seen' from beyond its apparent hold in mind.
Seeing passes through this lens and so is beyond the lens.
There lies freedom beyond bondage.
It is here already and I use the word 'there' only losely.
Seeing ~ pure seeing is happening ~ and the identified consciousness, the apparent 'me', is a fixation, a lens.
Pull the focus back into the space of pure knowing and see that you are not this pattern of energy, which you have taken yourself to be.
A reference point will form by habit~ go back further and see it ~ continue until there is just openness and rest in that.
That is the way to proceed.
Simple. ~ However, few ever follow the simple directions. Why? Because the 'me' wants gratification and seemingly wont let go. ~ It's up to you and yet beyond any control which you are familiar with. ~ See into it all and be the freedom you truly are.
Words are just words.
Warm regards ~ gilbert.

Steve: Thank you for the detailed explanation. Somehow suspected my question would be redirected beyond speculation to the teaching or facts.
Thanks again, ~ Steve

Gilbert: The ground of all speculation is reference points in mind.
All these appear within the scope of seeing.
The re-direction must come from within your own essence.
No one can 'see' for you.
Thinking that someone else can see or know something which you can't is the trap.
SEEING is happening.
The mind translates everything into concepts and that is where the apparent problem arises. The so-called answer is non-conceptual awareness.
Let the mind rest on nothing at all and just see that this is already present.

The perspective is from the heart essence of being.
Your authenticity is never in question.
Distrusting 'what the mind tells you' is necessary for some.

For whatever reason, you have stumbled upon this 'message'.
Stay with it until it is soaked up completely ~ It will bear fruit.

So just see that:
Present seeing (knowing)is all there truly is!
What other seeing is there?
Dream characters can't see.

A Clue:

The 'chick' cracks the egg from the inside.......

warm regards - gilbert