Tuesday, April 25, 2006

'Freedom is Right Here' - plus 'Post Note'!

OK, so you want to find your genuine authenticity? 'Who' wouldn't? But 'who' can?
And it appears to me that you do want to find it through the external world?
Seeker seeks ‘out there’. Seeker goes to guru. Seeker searches everywhere (except in their own core essence).
So you need to find this authenticity in yourself and put it in a post box.
Post it too yourself at your address, at the Post Office.
Then when it does its trip around the ‘out there world’ and arrives back, you need to take the ‘notification slip’ to the Post Office to pick it up.
Then once you open the box, you have to find it there in the box somewhere. It may be transparent or may have slipped into a corner.
Once you have a grasp on it, you have to put it back ‘inside’ where you snatched it from in ‘the first instant’.
Now, all this must happen in one moment or your authenticity will go stale.
But hey! How can it go stale and how can you find it?
Stop looking for it.
Simply be what you are. Watch the mind. See that you never leave this moment of actuality.

Freedom is right here. (Right there where you are)
This ‘Right now’ or better put ‘Presence’ is NOT ‘in time’.
All time is really conceptual.
This moment has no beginning, nor any end.
As you look at that fact, it is presence awareness - that is, the pure function of ‘seeing-knowing’ peering into its own vastness and knowing that there is no boundary anywhere.
All apparent boundaries are actually ‘awareness itself’ appearing as a limited concept or object in the time bound mind processes.
Knowing is beyond all such processes and this is easily confirmed simply by the fact that you can see or know them.
Whether you assign some sort of identity to them or not is also observable, is it not?
Every experience is nothing but yourself and the only experience is THIS one right now.
It may appear as a memory or as the actual and immediate impressions received in this moment.
When the mind ceases to fixate on ‘past and future’ as IF they were something real, then the natural presence of wakefulness ‘appears’ to be free of restrictions.
However, wakefulness is always free.
Metaphorically speaking: The ‘prison bars’ are appearing and registering in the immediacy.
The ‘prisoner’ is a fixation in the mind.
When the ‘bars’ and limitations of fixations in mind are seen clearly to be a projection, then they lose all their apparent power to limit this conscious presence that you ARE.
No one else can ‘do’ the ‘seeing through’ of mind stuff for you.
Have a look and see for yourself if these fixations are real or not.
Take into account that any doubt that may appear is only a concept.
You are NOT a concept.
See it clearly and rest in the pure space of Knowing.
Even a brief glimpse of clear seeing is enough to bring it all crumbling down.
The courage to face freedom is not anywhere else, other than in and as your own true and authentic, natural, presence awareness.
Once this 'knowing' is open, and concepts are put aside, there is no longer any reliance on, or hankering for, any concept whatsoever.
All Gurus and teachers can be dropped from view.
Get the message and be 'done with it'.
Notions about 'unconditional love' and all high spiritual nonsense is of no value to you.
Freedom is freedom.
As Nisargadatta says: "You are free now, you have never been bound by anything".
(ed: Any 'Thing'.)