Friday, May 19, 2006

A question for you

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Hi Gilbert,
I hope you're well. It has been a while since I've written to you. I went to Melbourne for the Commonwealth Games and had the pleasure of meeting with Bob Adamson when I was there. - He answered many of my questions and pointed me to my true nature.
Questions still come up as they do. I guess there is no end to questions and they just lead to more. I have a question which I hope you can answer.
There is the understanding that there is no "me" and thoughts arise of their own accord.
I did a Life Education course a few years ago and it taught that there was the ability to create (manifest) situations by saying "I am the possibility of ....." insert your possibility on the dotted lines.
(Ed: It asserts that -) Life would then create this possibility.
How does this work? - What is going on here? - It really seems that there is the ability to create a life of "my" choosing or to create a life in this dream world.
Is there the ability to shape the dream for our own means?
All the best, Nick

Hi Nick.
There is NO doer! - Everything just happens spontaneously.
Who is creating what? - Billions of ‘people’ creating what? War and conflict?
Wealth and happiness? - For whom? - ME!?
- It’s all about ME! - But is it really?
And the ‘me’ is basically a phantasmagorical sense of separation – a concept
The doer is a dream character only.
Anything can happen in a dream and does. - What substance does it have?
What independence does it have? - Is anything of it ever truly stable or is there anything really achieved? - Whatever appears will disappear.
Giving lots of money to organizations who just appear to induce deeper dreaming
is just happening like everything else.

See and know that you ARE the untapped potentiality itself.
Nothing is attained and nothing is acquired.
The changing patterns are known by the unchanging essence -
cognition. Seeing is happening.

Life aims are happening. - Practical stuff happens and these are apparently very necessary to function in life - no problem.
However, one must ‘go beyond’ the realm of being identified with and as being this ‘mind content’.
You are beyond it already, however it is 'NO thing' for the (dualistic) mind.
So, ask yourself this: “who is it that wants to know the answer”?
See the insubstantiality of that ‘who-ness’ clearly - and the job is done.

The inquiry must be made. Seeing is happening and it is this seeing which is the essence of the investigation, not the attached conceptual ‘looker’.
Endless conclusions and opinions are a dime a dozen and are worthless.
Explore the space of knowing and do not attach your identity to anything at all.
Proceed like that and you will come (back) to the place you have never left.
It will never make sense to people who give Life courses like the one you mention.
They are caught in ‘achievement stuff’ and thrive on incentives and propaganda.
They cater for the ambitious ego-ic notions of the ‘me’ only.
These ‘Life coaches’ often also push a sales pitch of having a spiritual side to it all.
Once you see through the game plan, it is known to be counter productive - if you intend to really come into an understanding.
Warm regards - gilbert.

Hi Gilbert, Thanks for your answer. You've pointed clearly to what is.
- Nick