Monday, May 22, 2006

How could it be 'any' Otherwise?

"Once there was a ‘time’ when I could have joined you in scatterbrain chat about nonsense".
Is that true?
See how we construct a triad in our minds. Past and future with a vague present as the Third element.
The Past is gone and invisible.
The Future is not here and is invisible.
The Present is a concept and so it also is invisible.
All there truly is IS THIS.
These three worlds we jump to and fro from in our minds are not real.
Rest back for a moment - in this Moment.
You don’t have to ‘wait’ until you are old and incapacitated.
Is there such a thing as time?
The furthest mountain is cognized immediately.
An intellectual will tell you it takes time for the light to reach the eyes and more time for the brain to process the images and then more time to name it all etc.
Isn’t it all just happening in this NOW.
No chronological instrument can separate this now into any parts, except in the minds of the user.
A lone clock stands in an abandoned house, ticking away in this immediacy.
What time has past? -The clock ceases to tick. -Has anything transpired. - Does this story really change anything? - Something may be stimulated. - Something may trickle past the hypnosis. - A single drop of rain touches a parched, dried up leaf.
- Life unfolds everywhere, ever fresh, just as it is.
- No ‘time’ passes - because a concept has no substance and there truly is no before or after.
- So keep chopping wood.
- Keep carrying water.
- The Zen master is yourself.
- How could it be 'any' otherwise?