Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Presence - Case Closed

Just - Presence.
You are present and aware.
‘Feel into’ this presence that you are.
Do not imagine anything, just feel into it.
It is not an object yet it contains all apparent objects.
It is not a subject, yet it contains all apparent subjects.
It has no specific qualities, yet it contains all qualities equally.
Simple presence.
The Ultimate Reality is That. (ordinary presence)
It is thoughtless, yet it contains all thought.
It is not imaginary, yet it contains all imagination.
“I am Presence and nothing other than That”.

(from "Everything is Clear and Obvious".)

An email:
Hi Gilbert,
I'm following your notes on your website. -They are very clear. -When you understand them there's nothing else to do. -Case closed.
I have one question though. -You call Presence Awareness That! -Nisargadatta did that too.
What I feel is that That is This! -As Douglas Harding always does.
It isn't something else over there, on some mysterious place. -It's me. -Why shouldn't we call it therefore This?
With sincere regards, - Rob

Hi Rob,
It is not me at all. - Me is an image only. - A reference point. - It is the only presence there is. - It is That.
‘This’ may imply a location, a limitation. - ‘That’ also can imply the same.
THIS is THAT and That is This. - No difference really.
Undifferentiated That-ness.
I had the same question long ago and Bob pointed this out to me:
That is a table, that is a chair, that is a cup of coffee and that is Chris.
Take away the words table, chair, cup of coffee and the name Chris and what is left?
Another word for it is Presence.
But take into account that the word is never 'the thing' or the 'non-thing' it re-presents - for the mind.
Just as what ‘you think you’ are is not ‘what you are’.

That is what This is. - And This is what That is. - It easily becomes a word game.
Non-Dual aspirants love the word game and argue over words and their use.
- How absurd and pointless.
- I say "get the message and be done with it".
I live most of my day without even a thought about the non dual type language.
It is only when an insight comes and I write these notes, that I need to be clear and precise and so use that language, which is common for the readers of this stuff.

The mind that is plagued by words cannot find rest because words lead off, diverge, via associative thought, to more and more words. - This activity occupies the mind and seemingly obscures the open awareness, which is actually registering everything cleanly.
It is all That, no matter what it appears as. - It is Presence.
Some words can appear as a pointing to THAT quite effectively and others don’t.
Then again, the average 'person' could read this note and quickly determine that I must be a nutter - since it doesn't make much sense or that it is just unnecessary babble.
Here is an example of clarity in words:
“The true nature of mind is clear and empty”.
That expresses something quite unique.
- However, few can abide with it quietly and so be able to see the profound truth of what it is pointing out.
The same applies to this simple presence. - It is not appreciated because it is too subtle and of no apparent benefit to the 'me'. - In fact it challenges the 'me' straight up.
So it is, that for one who is ready to investigate their own consciousness thoroughly, that simple line may open things up and so 'appear' to bond or include everything in 'This boundless Presence' that 'I AM'.
Therefore one may say: I AM THAT - I am THAT all inclusive Presence.

There is only One Presence and One Moment – THIS is it.
It is self-realizing presence awareness.

As you say: Case closed.

'Who' opens the case up again? -The mind.
And where are the doubts about reality? -The mind.

Drop it. -Be THIS clarity - in which mind appears.

Warm regards - gilbert