Saturday, July 01, 2006

Listen up! - you Blighters!

It is rare for any spiritual teacher to admit that it is all bullshit.
- Too much invested in the dream of being a teacher, to do that, for most.
My last and final teacher, Bob Adamson, is a living example of one who has no investment in any fanciful image about what he is. - His ordinary way of pointing to what is real and incontestable is disarming for most seekers.
- Why? - Because their own pretence about themselves covers up (in themselves) the very thing which they seek. - That is a relatively true way of expressing the situation.
For anyone who feels they are seriously 'approaching' or 'getting close' to a clear understanding, I highly recommend Bob’s latest CD.
- There is such a wealth of ‘material’ in it.
- Speaking from the so-called 'point of view' of the essence of freedom, that actual freedom carries with it 'a directing force' for the mind.
- The habituated view is an identified point of view and that will never release its hold without a fight. - Even so, it has no power of itself and it falls away with ease as that which is ever free is revealed as ones own true essence.
- Bob’s meetings are thoroughly unique in that he is so obviously free and carries no pretensions. - He asks for nothing, least of all our admiration.
I would say that if some of these fancy popular teachers were to go and sit in Bob’s meetings, drop their pretensions and open to a ‘true teacher’, then and only then, would their own followers have a chance to realize the freedom they long for.
I doubt if that will ever happen.
In essence we are freedom itself.
In the relative appearance of being ‘someone’ in a world, we are seemingly caught.
I could introduce you to a thousand such spiritual 'someones' but it would not make any difference.
No one can introduce you to yourself. - You do not have to learn how to be yourself.

Attending Bob's meetings and being with Bob, is the best bet around.
- That 'free essence' 'in Bob' resonates within oneself and that is 'an introduction' to actual freedom. It is what you ARE and does not belong to any 'thing' nor to what 'you think you are' and certainly not to any ‘person’.
Freedom is not a result of 'doing' or 'practices'. - It is uncaused.
All so-called causation is just a matrix of concepts, which all apparently 'lead away' (in the mind) from this actual freedom, this moment of direct, unmediated knowing presence.
As Nisargadatta says: "All 'paths' lead to un-reality".

Simply put: It is realized that there is NO Separation! – anywhere!

Let it be noted that I, Gilbert, have done my darnedest, for nearly 6 years now, to get you blighters to go and see Bob.
At least get that CD. - The link to Bob's site is on the 'Bob Adamson' page on my website. - You can order it via Paypal. - Takes about a week to be delivered to your post box.

News: Meeting with Mark West.
A good attendance at the first one last week. - Next meeting is on Thursday eve 20th July - 7pm. Email for further details.