Friday, June 16, 2006

Good News for tired seekers.

Note for Sydney residents:
Mark West will be holding regular meetings in Sydney on the subject of Non Duality. - Mark is a living disciple of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. - This is a rare opportunity to clear up misunderstandings and ask pertinent questions. - Be advised that these meetings are for relatively serious students of Advaita or similar - those who are already familiar with the nature of self-inquiry. - What I mean is that the meetings are not a for those who just want mere entertainment. - Such attendees will be browned off pretty quickly.
- The first meeting is planned for the 29th June at 7 pm - 8.30.
- Please email me or Mark for any other details. - (I will also be attending these meeting.)
gilbert (at) shiningthroughthemind (dot) net - or - markwest10 (at) bigpond (dot) com -
Due to auto web scanning for email addresses, I have altered the 'at' and 'dot' sections in the above email addresses.

Hello Gilbert,
I have been wanting to write to you but have not had the courage. - I'm not sure why. - What you wrote last week I took to be an answer to my email to you and it hit just like the 'arrows' you were talking about.
- I guess I'm one of the sensitive ones and I went through all kinds of emotions, but during this I had "moments" of very clear seeing, it 'felt stronger' than at any other time, (it's hard to describe)
- So, your arrows are very good medicine and I'm not afraid of them. - Thank you for your directness, - Love S.

I had intended to give it a break. - Ha! - Just goes to show you can put a cork in the bottle but it can blow out anytime. - I had no intention to write anything at all. - But up it came. -This one I wrote on the bus today onto the back of an old receipt:

To Speak of Oneness, we must necessarily use language.
Language has components called labels or words, which are symbols.
Knowing the nature of symbols renders words seemingly more useful than if they are just imitated and used indiscriminately.
Language is a multiplicity of words and so they often express a multiplicity of intricate and/or gross meanings, depending on their use.
They most usually express an individualized 'object' or ‘thing’, 'state' or 'condition' within the multiplicity and diversity of phenomena.
Words lead to more and more words.
Rarely do words ever converge to a point of unity.
A more or less complete sentence which describes Oneness will no doubt neutralize the dualistic mind and so provide a window or a view from ones true nature of cognition and understanding.
The self-centered dualistic mind may resist this view, because the light of direct seeing reveals what the self-centre does not wish to acknowledge.
So it is that clear vision is usually short lived.
It appears that insights are stored in memory and fade into yesterday’s experience. It all loses vitality and it loses the immediacy of direct insight. The self-centre may embroider new attachments to these memories and thus seemingly create a realm of personal attainment or whatever it may be.
The ever present vitality of this immediate living-Ness cannot be reduced or trapped into any belief or into memory.
Our nature is presence – this awareness now – which is always fresh and new.
It is not the result of any ‘doing’ by any entity.
This presence is the true nature of everything and no boundary lies between what you are and the greater presence of the so-called Universe.
Knowing this is freedom.
And Freedom is truly what you are.
There is little point in attempting to re-direct one who is stubbornly entrenched in the intellect.
Any attempt to do so, is most often met with by strong resistance as the intellect digs in deeper into its false premises and gets busy with a frantic search for old data with which it will protect its terrain.
It is equally pointless to attempt to re-align one who has seemingly surrendered to a fanciful guru.
Any attempt to do so is met with by a negative response as the bonds of adoration of the guru are disturbed.
In their own terms, they are deemed to repeat the same automatic movements until it is seen to be useless.
As soon as one bows submissively to another (a guru), one is giving away one’s own authenticity in exchange for idolatry. - If it remains there as a habit, such idolatry casts a shadow across your own light of knowing.
Bring it back as: "I am the consciousness"! - "I am awareness"!
Know this to be a fact.
The true guru and disciple exchange is one of equality - not submission and domination.
Submission always leads to abuse in one form or another - as history shows us.