Friday, June 23, 2006

Luminous being - conscious presence.

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New Note:
It does not matter how you twist and turn those spiritual concepts and notions – they will only ever be concepts. - Isn't the singular feature of it all 'knowing'. - Without that, no concept could be known or even talked about.
All concepts only ever appear 'in' and 'with' time - and time is mind.
Mind, in the terms being used here, is the phenomenal aspect of mind, thoughts, concepts, images, which all arise and attach immediately to an associated past.
Like attracts like. - Apparently strong impressions, which have registered in the so called past, link up with new impressions more or less instantly.
This mechanism is that which seems to hold our personalized world together and it can give the impression that 'I' cannot escape 'the past'. - (The one bound in it is also a concept.)
Take a 'for instance': - I walk past a restaurant where I had a row with an ex-partner so many years ago. - Strong impressions register in that initial 'event'. These, by association, spring into mind as the scene is re-cognised. - RE- Cognition! - Memory!
Whenever I walk past or near that restaurant, up comes the memory. - No choice!
- The automatic response is to avoid it or quickly get identified with something else.
- All mechanical - no choice - m-e-c-h-a-n-i-c-a-l !!!
If I am the dramatic type, I may have the whole city covered with ‘hot spots’, where my ‘past’ haunts me until "I can't handle it anymore", get up and move to another city, where I can start ‘marking’ my 'new territory' all over again.
All this ‘stuff’ is in the mind’s mechanical capacity to translate the present, via past impressions.
One could almost say it is the past re-lived, while the present impressions are apparently subservient. - Topsy turvy world of a mind enslaved to the past? - Frustrating for the 'me', no?
- In practical terms, memory is useful and so I find my way back home without getting lost, due to it. - However it is often 'storyland' - what I call a mindscape, where the ‘me’ takes up residence as ‘King’.
- All of it is in ‘time’ - past, future and a vague present. -This 'present' is demoted to the rank of being a concept and so it gets overlayed by associative thought patterns.
- So, this 'vague present' seems to be assigned into the dim background with a parading ego on top.
Does all this sound familiar?
- For the habituated mind of relativity, it may make perfectly good sense.
- You may say: "I can relate to that". - It is all psychological 'furniture'.
Now the factor that does not register cleanly in that mind realm, which is occupied by its unceasing flow of thoughts etc, is that ‘Seeing’ is direct and immediate.
Whatever interpretation you want to make about anything at all, can only appear in seeing.
Seeing itself is wordless.
Now, many get hooked on particular words, like 'God'. - That fixation actually obscures clear sight and distorts the mind, or the personalized point of view.
- (In the terms of these believers, God is everything. - So, why obscure the natural seeing (of God) with a word? - since everything we see must be God - including 'the seer'.)
Pure Seeing cuts through all ‘stuff’ cleanly and precisely.
- No entity is attached inside or outside of that pure seeing - and that is why 'we' (of the mind) miss it.
Pure seeing – pure knowing is not in time.
It does not rely on any 'thing' - and certainly not on any past impressions.
Reality is immediate - and this immediacy - has nothing to do with ‘time’ or sequential objectifications in mind stuff.
- In fact, Reality never changes - that is why it is called reality.
It has no duration at all - the word 'eternity' is meant to describe it but also is inclusive of all time.

There is no duration quality to pure seeing. - Duration (fragmentation) is mind stuff.
All the apparent fragments of 'eternity' appear no where other than in the duration-less presence of Now.

In time, ‘things’ appear – they ‘appear’ to be and then they 'disappear' (inevitably).
All of our concepts of Life and myself are in that realm of relativity.
However, what you truly are is THIS Reality, which is this 'cognizing directly', immediately – IT is ‘seeing-knowing’ and it is the seeing-knowing itself.
For the apparently individualized being, its instruments (in their immediacy) are all of the senses.
The senses do not lie, as such. - Direct information, un-processed.
How the sensations and impressions are translated is, more often than not, a distortion of ‘what is’.
Thoughtless reality - pure knowing - remains untouched by thoughts or objects - of any kind.
This is the clear and empty nature of mind - (if we want to call it ‘mind’).

The seekers apparent problem is: How can ‘I’ be delivered from 'my' relative ‘un-reality’ into what is clearly real?
Well, the news is that it is never going to happen.
This is where, (just about) everyone ‘changes channel’, ‘turns off’ or ‘walks away’.
The ‘carrot’, the reward is removed and ‘the donkey’ comes to a standstill.
The dream of relative reality and the seeking there for freedom, is a worn out circular track, trodden by 99.9999 percent of seekers.
- All of it is a dreamland, full of endless promises and no deliverance.
- The promise of deliverance is spoken of by one of the fancy ‘circle walkers’.
- Lost in mind stuff, just like all the others, he mummbles about the future deliverance in 5 years - or more! - The others are encouraged to do another round - to keep him company.
- The only difference is his suffering is pampered by the adorers of his ‘special-ness’.
- He has 'the pickings' of the best food, clothing and shelter etc.
- Just another Donkey? - No, not on your twinkle! - He (or she) is a very special' Donkey! And he reinforces that impression upon his followers almost relentlessly. - Sometimes they do a hundred turns of the track in silence, so the king donkey can dream a little about his wonderous future deliverance. - Dreamland!
It is a joke but if you take a close look at these spiritual leaders and their followers - that is what they are all doing. - The ones with the most followers are the deepest dreamers. It is all in the guise of 'waking up'.
- "The disease of Tomorrow" - (quotation from Gurdjieff).

Back to Basics:
Knowing cuts through the dream. - Immediate Knowing.

I am not a 'thing'.
This 'non-thing' that I am- is this Knowing - this conscious presence.
Only in being this knowing (and nothing else), can everything be revealed for what it is.

Who wants to be nothing?
In being nothing, knowing comes to the fore and everything is revealed as it is (for no one).

Now, the waves of relativity will ‘roll back in’ but there is an indisputable Knowing of what they are.
Spiritual seekers get offended if the veils of their beliefs get whipped away or challenged.
Here is another dose of Liver Salts for my precious 'angels'. (Advice: Skip a paragraph)
If you are a point scoring spiritual idiot who says things like: “I have spent time with Papaji, Gangaji, Eckhart, Adyarshanti” or whoever and then expect some extra ‘credit’ or extra attention from other equally impressionable idiots, then maybe this ‘stuff’ I am talking about is not for you.
- Guru Addicts Annon is up the road a piece.
If Nisargadatta were to suddenly re-appear in the world, (say, in California) – every point scoring spiritual idiot would ‘fast-track’ it to his door.
- It would be a riot and everyone would un-intentionally show their true colors.
But it would all amount to nothing.
“I am That” is now a best seller and it is trendy to have it on the bookshelf or to be able to say, “Yes I have read it”. - I have met scores who have expected me to be impressed just by the fact that they had read the book. - So what? What's the point if you still hang onto those 'seeker' views? - Biased views for phantom beings?
- Did you get the impact of what the book is pointing at? - Point scoring is such a stupid waste of energy.

The point is this: All this ‘mind stuff’ and 'point scoring' is just the relative world of the mind and its latest fixations. - The mind realms of duality - 'Me' and 'other than Me'. - More biased views for phantom beings? - Words and concepts only bind those of their own kind.
What are they anyway? What gives them some seeming power other than your own belief in them? - The belief of 'others'? - See for YOURSELF - Know directly what is false and what is true.
- All is equal in that ephemeral world of concepts.
A mind fixed on the duality of things will not open to a clean view without 'conscious presence', which is non-dual.
This Living immediacy is obviously shared by the whole manifestation in this immediate moment.
You cannot 'enter' into it. - You ARE IT.
No boundary exists in That ‘vast’ singularity.
As Nisargadatta says: “The only purpose of Life - is Living”.
Living – immediate, self-knowing awareness – now.
It alone (al-One) is not a concept – and you are That.

You are that luminous being full of light.
The clouds of relativity can never put out that self shining brilliance.
Let that light shine in all its immediate glory and it will shine through the clouds of unknowing.