Sunday, June 18, 2006

All is a reflection in mind - except awareness itself.

Note: If you are serious about 'seeing through' the trap of the mind, then I highly recommend Bob Adamson's new CD. - There is enough material in it to 'finish' the job. - In dropping the 'old ideas and views' and with paying attention in a relaxed manner, everything can be revealed as the 'pointers' indicate.
The CD is only available via Bob's Website - see his Webpage on my website for the link.

Today's Note:
Stop grasping at straws. - Stop trying to look through the eyes of the guru or whoever.
Get the message and be done with it.
Stop 'setting up camp' in conceptual terrains in the mind. - That 'campsite' is an illusion and the ground is not really there. - Reduce it back to that which cannot be eliminated – you presence - with what is.
As long as there is identification with any ‘other’, whether it appear as a so-called being or as a simple concept, then that identification itself will divert the mind into a realm of belief and it will continually bounce those reflections around in the mind.
When you look into that bathroom mirror, know without a doubt that that reflection cannot ‘see’ or ‘be’ anything other than a reflection. - It is the same with the ‘me’ – the self-centre. - It cannot ‘see’ or ‘be’ anything other than a reflection.
No one can see through that deviation except what you truly are. Awareness – seeing – knowing – presence.
The ego with all its equipment and baggage can only construct a mirage, a castle in the ether. - No one can live in it except a phantom. - Is that what you are? - A phantom. - All the sad stories of ‘this and that’, of the ‘me’, keep the mind occupied and that occupation is keeping the mind bound to a mirage. - All the glorification of ‘another’, keep the mind occupied with a separation that does not exist.
In the spiritual game, no one wants to cut to the chase. - No one wants to hear what must be heard. - To really hear it, is the end of the addictive attachments. - It will be the end of ‘me’. - Who wants that? - In the spiritual dream - No one!
It is not possible for that ‘me’ to want its own destruction. It never existed to either want or not want anything.
The cutting News is that there is no one there, anywhere - to want freedom or not want freedom. - Freedom is all there is.
All of the problems of the self-centre are, that, that ‘you’ is an indulgence in a dream.
All of ‘your’ problems arise from the fact that ‘you’ have unwittingly taken on board the position of playing ‘second fiddle’ in an Orchestra, which is performing to an imaginary audience, a disinterested audience. - Playing second fiddle is a ‘following’, an automatic response and this is deadening. – that is a mind wandering off repeatedly into the past of memory or a fictitious future, to ‘other places’ and ‘other times’.
Be innovative – cut the crap – ‘snatch the lead violin’ metaphorically speaking – take the immediate position - be this cutting edge of direct experiencing – this presence. – Simply be the immediacy that you are.
There is no realized being anywhere. - Concepts are concepts. They cannot limit what you truly are. Verify it for yourself.
All there is, is THIS immediate Realizing presence.
How can you not be That?