Tuesday, July 04, 2006

All heated up over nothing - Words.

Alright, OK! - Before someone bursts a blood vessel. - Let’s ease off on the stirring up of spiritualized self-images and nasty gripping emotions. - I won't be talking about angels and good vibrations to make up for it, so forget about that line of entertainment.
Instead, let me make a few things clear.
Firstly, realize that it is all just WORDS. - You’re getting all heated up over a few words on a website. - How do you think that I know how to press those buttons of yours? - Oops, there I go again! - "Sorry about that chief"!
I must confess that I have resorted to using a method. - Shame on ME.
But you see you have bound yourself up, all your life, with words and belief in words.
You have made them into something more than what they are. - They have become thorns in your side. - A festering wound.
The good Doctor slips a scalpel underneath to expose the puss and all hell breaks lose. - Screaming and struggling. - Abuse even.
Can you tell me of any other who does you this favour?
If you allow that puss to flow out, then the healing can take place.
Putting unclean dressing on that wound and covering it up with spiritual nonsense will only prolong the festering. - You know it.
I don’t pretend to be a spiritual teacher. - I can’t think of anything worse.
But hey! - I am free! - So are you, and you would know that if you would only stop that restless activity in your mind. - Cease it for just one moment and see.
Now let me quote J. Krishnamurti. - He says: “Freedom is not a reaction”.
I won’t be pretentious and explain what he meant but I will tell you what it meant to me when I heard him say that.
Freedom is uncaused. - It does not come about – it already is. It is not the result of some action on our part - it is not by some practice - It is our true nature.
– He is speaking from that space of freedom (which he still is) which is the knowing – the freedom itself speaks.
Now Krishnamurti was a very well known teacher. - He had thousands of followers and his books are still selling today.
- However well known he is, I would venture to say that only a handful have ever truly understood what he was saying. - Yet he spoke very clearly about it all. - There are umpteen study groups around the Globe talking about what he was saying. - But endless ruminating over words does not change anything. - Something else is needed. - and it is NOT what you expect it to be.
To my knowledge, he never taught practices of any kind. - He pointed directly at that freedom which he was. - He was well educated and spoke well and above all he knew what he was saying – first hand.
Anyone who pretends to be a teacher in the spiritual realm cannot speak from that freedom because it is not realized there.
There are many paths that lead up the mountain. - You don’t even have to take one step in that, or any direction to be the freedom that you already are.
Pause thought for one moment and freedom will reveal itself.
There is one line which I sometimes tell people and it is a potent revelation of that clear space of knowing - that you are.
It is this: “The true nature of mind is clear and empty”.
That sentence when looked at is an introduction to your true nature.

Drop the meditation practice. - Meditation is nothing more than presence with what is – as it is. - AS it IS.
Let that clouded mind clear itself and see that you are not the body, nor are you the content of mind.
You are the clarity of this ‘ever present witnessing’, even of the witness of all that comes before you.
Everything manifests equally and words are just words. - Seemingly useful but they all disappear into the clear and empty nature of mind. - I am That.