Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ripples in the cloth of One Garment + New Note

Take note:
There is no information here that will be of any interest to the identified consciousness commonly called a 'seeker'. - Only those who can drop that perspective will find any resonation in direct experiencing. - The mind will only be baffled by its attempts to hold onto the false safety of the identified state of mind. - That is why few 'get it' even though there is 'no one to get it' and there is no 'getting' in what you truly are. - It is only through the elimination of the false which reveals That which is ever true. - And it is revealed to no one - for as long as there is an idenified 'point' taken to be what I am, then the revelation is only temporary and relative - and so it will disappear again into the relativity of time and memory.
Today's note: Magnifying the Fine Print Clause.
Like the Finest print at the bottom of a contract, which hides away the salient points.
Let's take a closer look:

"Alright, so you want to know what the complete and utter (spiritual) deliverance is like – before you get there.
This moment right now is actually it.
Freedom is right here.
There is no one that has freedom. - Freedom that is believed to be a possession is really bondage for the 'apparent possessor'.
Freedom is uncaused – THIS un-manifest empty space of knowing.
Whatever is super-imposed on this space of knowing cannot be anything other than the patterns or forms, which only appear in THIS immediacy of Now from this immediate energy - being-ness.
All and everything that appears, arises from its own non-being. - Endlessly unfolding in One instant, it has no duration except as the apparent ripples in the mind. - That is where 'time' is apparently born - yet nothing ever arrives and nothing ever leaves THIS Moment. - I am present and aware.

- Impressions register and memory is formed - no problem in that. - Discriminating mind only apparently splits this natural presence into 'parts' via naming and preferences.
A complex mind, along with its biased point of reference 'me' is nothing but a disturbance upon the ‘surface’ of no thing-ness.

So now you see?
No! - Seeing is happening! - No entity is seeing anything!
Whatever you believe is happening, in the mind realm of past-present-future, is just ripples. - The essence of that movement is knowing. - The apparent 'entity' is just that bump in the surface which appears and disappears.
- Your struggling to grasp the un-graspable is so unnecessary and impossible.
Any guru or teacher who pretends to assists you in that struggle with 'time bound practices' is also unnecessary - totally and utterly useless - but they will never tell you that.
- Even so, whatever it appears as, it can only be This perfection of 'AS IS'.
(who can argue? - Only identified consciousness! - Useless!)
That which KNOWS it all in every possible detail, is this unchanging presence of this knowing-ness. - That I AM.
- It can't be any other way!

It is truly NO BIG DEAL - THIS freedom is Ordinary presence. - Ordinary understanding. - Ordinary Wakefulness.
No deflections into 'fancy stuff' with spiritual garments or sacred white starched collars.
Boring stale organized theories and yesterday's methods just don't cut the cheese. Those who teach such 'things' are caught up in the past and in their own self-image.
Conscious presence needs no such things.

The body and world are of One Garment - One seemless garment - the manifesting cloth of appearance - manifestation.
So, This Moment, just as I am, is the (so-called) Full Deliverance, the Absolute seemless immediate perfection just as I am.
'Who' searches for that which is ever present? - It is just a ripple.
Even this ripple of movement, this searching motion, is the perfection of THIS ONE - appearing as many".
Every Movement is That - Are you not that unmoving knowing-ness, which knows all these movements? - At the core of it all there is an obvious empty space. - So-called 'seekers' miss its unique value completely because they fill it with the blindness of the search.
How extraordinary it all is.
How ordinary simple presence is.

New addition -
Note to a seeker:
Because you identify with every little thing and event, you get tossed about like a cork on the ocean. - That is the common habit of a lifetime.
Do you expect to break that habit with one strike of conscious presence?
You must either take it all apart piece by piece or be courageous and just see through it all.
- It may be unbearable to remain consciously present.
Is what I am saying true? - It surely seems to be like that - but is it true?
Only you can varify it for yourself.
What needs to be seen, is that all the impressions of ‘coming and going’ (in regard to yourself), are all an illusion of mind only. - They are all memory and translation of the direct and immediate, mixed with the past. - What is direct and immediate is self evident and is not touched by words and description. - A finger pointing at the moon will never touch the moon.
The apparent ‘entity’ that appears to come and go (remembering and forgetting – whether it be sacred or profane) is only a series of reference points, which all appear nowhere else than in the mind. - I prefer to call this mind ‘a clear and empty space of knowing’. -Those eight words point directly at That Knowing presence and that is what you are - and you can truly be nothing other than that – this I know.
It is the ever present true nature of this NOW. - THIS Moment.
All other qualities which the mind may assign to this space are only conceptual notions appearing in this Now-ness. - Without substance, they can only appear to be real via the energy of belief.
The true nature of NOW is ‘Presence’. - ( That is incontestable!)
THIS presence does not change in anyway, even though within this presence, all apparent change is registering directly.
Simply be the presence that you are and nothing more. - That is self-realization.
Knowing this fully, there cannot be a doubt in that knowing presence because there is no doubt in it.
(- Doubt is ignorance. - Knowing is knowing. - Never the twain shall meet.
As ignorance approaches knowing it is consumed completely.
Who would sacrifice knowing for ignorance? Impossible!)
So, knowing this is its own completeness, a natural way of being – AS Wakefulness.
Even though no belief has any true existence or independent substance - it is THIS Wakefulness that cuts the roots of belief without ever touching them.
Therefore it is said that: “Nothing is happening”.
So, the belief that ‘you’ come and go from this wakefulness is simply due to an identification with the habitual concepts and reference points of the so-called (me) ‘self’.
KNOW that they are All simply concepts.
When the energy of belief ceases to support those concepts, they vanish or simply take on a transparency.
- So it is that the sense of coming and going ceases altogether – quite naturally and effortlessly. And what brings it about? - Seeing – just seeing- and SEEING is already happening!
Practices and methods are known to be the game of ignorance.
The old habit patterns may still appear but you know what they are
- and they all belong to common consciousness – worldly affairs.
You are not limited by any concept.
In your true essential place of direct cognition there is no harm done – no matter what happens.
Put away your spiritual sword of truth and simply recognize that you are that pure space of knowing and that every being you see is THAT also.