Sunday, July 16, 2006


Hello! - A quick note to thank you for your directness, insight and profound ability to cut through the bullshit - I have been a seeker since my parents were killed when I was eleven (mostly in an informal and independent sense but more recently dabbling in vipassana and Soto Zen).

I have been drawn to people, like yourself, who present with the quality of being able to bypass all the gongs, bells, whistles, robes and secret handshakes of formalized religion and point directly to truth without pretension.

I down loaded your e-book and was stopped in my tracks by each and every one of the 40 passages presented. - I, as a well established cement head very slow on the uptake, have been surprised by the depth of the resonance your pointers have elicited.

- I still remain, frustratingly, firmly entrenched in a conceptual understanding of what you are clearly gesturing towards. - (K, That is NOT True! - You are not entrenched at all -G) - Steve Hagen, a Zen priest I had some interaction with, stated it most clearly - "if you try to point the moon out to a cat, he will most likely just come and sniff your finger".
I have Sailor Bob's books on order and am looking forward with great interest to reading them. - I want to tap more into your insight as well - what options are available to someone in my position with few resources to travel and interact directly or even acquire written material (sounds like the inability to guru shop has actually worked in my favour up until now). - Thanks for your time, consideration and the wicked blog and website! - K

Thank you K,
It is not necessary to be in the company of any teacher. - You are the Knowing Presence. - I know what I am talking about and there is no doubt or any concept that obscures this knowing presence. - I know that this is the case for everyone. - However, most 'people' will not let go of the reference point called 'me'.
Few open into that space of knowing even though there is nothing to stop that opening. - Awareness is Non Dual. One Awareness!
Same here as it is there. - No here – No there! - One Presence.
It cannot be grasped by any concept. - All attempts to do so fail.
Some open to it through sheer exhaustion.

All we have in this means of communication is words, so I will tell you this:
If you take your attention back – back - and back into that space where seeing is happening - and cease from holding onto anything - you will find that the mind is truly empty - even 'the witness' is noticed or seen to be a reference point.
Abide in that space as often as you can - it is not a doing - it is effortlessly there - as if waiting for you. - But that 'you' is actually left behind as transcended content of mind.
Bob's books are enough to complete the job as it were.
Bob is the only teacher I know of that is pristinely accurate.

Warm regards - gilbert.