Thursday, July 27, 2006

Destiny ? Tomorrow ? Where is it ?

Destiny? - Is there such a thing?
- Some Non Duality teachers speak of the destiny of the body/mind organism.
- What are they going on about? - Who is it that ‘has’ a destiny? Destiny implies time. - What time is there apart from this moment? - All the rest is conceptual projection or memory. - And these future projections are really memory anyway. - It all appears now and nowhere else. - Presence is all there is. - Some whisper in my ear that that is too subtle. - Yeah subtle as an Elephant sitting on your head! - It is Obvious. - I don’t know how some of you ever got through high school, let alone college. - I didn’t even finish high school and I am writing about this stuff. - It makes me laugh when some write and say they find it annoying to read my notes where it slips in and out of ordinary perspectives and the non dual perspective. - Isn’t that how your own life is? - I can’t win, if I write from the pure non dual perspective I am accused of being high minded and if I write from the ordinary view, I get pounced on for being sloppy.
- I am pleased to inform you that most just enjoy this stuff for what it is. - It is better than reading some glossy pamphlets that arrive in the mail box – no?
At the stroke of midnight I don't see anything click over except the hand of the clock.
Tomorrow NEVER comes! - There is no coming or going to this presence that I am.
- Is that subtle? - No, it is equally as refined or as gross as it gets!
- So, anyway, where is this famous 'Destiny'?
Sitting on a couch somewhere with Adi's 'Deliverance' watching kids TV or the discovery channel?

Time is mind is time is mind is time is mind! - Destiny can only be a concept in the mind.
- For whom is this destiny? - For the mind content? - That content appears and disappears constantly. - Only the knowing of it is changeless. - Are you not that knowing?
Destiny is really just an easy concept to ease the concerns of programmed seekers.
- But it is those concepts themselves that keep the mind churning over itself, perpetuating those fixations on time and all that attaches to it. - The milk of concepts is churned into butter and the seeker gets bogged down in its own stale smelly curd.
Looking at the big picture in the light of the universe being an infinite pattern, a fractal pattern, then destiny may hold some limited meaning but not for 'anything' or 'anyone' within the pattern. - Since everything made of matter is in the pattern, then there cannot be anything outside it to need or have anything called destiny except an ephemeral being or simply pure awareness itself. - Awareness does not need destiny or time since it is timeless.
The limited point of view, called the individual, is at most a reference point which we can call the witness. - The witness is powerless and cannot influence the pattern.
In ‘time’ the pattern appears to unfold continuously. - The pattern appears to move. -
Many ‘things’ appear and disappear quickly while other ‘things’ appear to remain stable.
- A mountain appears to be relatively timeless and stationary.
Whatever appears or disappears, you are present to it all, within the scope of the witness and the limits of the instrument of cognition.
The past appears as traces, memories of the present which appears to have slipped away. - It is the pattern that appears to change as it appears to unfold into new fields of its vastness.
The ordinary mind is not quick enough to see past the dominant impressions of passing time.
One thing that we can agree on is that the future remains unknown even if somewhat predictable in some respects, i.e. - The mountain will most probably be there tomorrow.
In the apparent unfolding pattern, a volcano may exhibit signs of immanent eruption.
It may erupt at anytime but then again it may not. - No one knows!
No one knows what will happen, with 100% accuracy.
As one stabilizes in presence without the habitual identifications with ‘normal’ time lines and space patterns, they lose their hold on the mind. - It appears that one lives in a timeless way.
Now such statements are bound to be challenged by the intellectuals. - However their challenge is based entirely on their own limited views and those are obviously bound up in concepts. - Take away their concepts and all that is left is a quivering vulnerable confusion. - They avoid such ‘places’ with a vengeance.
It happens that it is virtually impossible to convey to another anything about this timeless experiencing because the ‘other’ is only a time-space pattern which appears in the timeless presence.
All paradoxical for the ordinary mind.
If however, the so-called ‘other’ is not identified in ‘time mind’, then there is nothing to convey.
“I am That” is a simple statement of equality expressed from the Totality.
The Totality is never a personalized ‘thing’.
How can a seeker approach it?
It can’t.
Only via the conscious investigation does time bound mind lose its hold on consciousness.
Now, no one wants to be nothing. - The impasse is: The fact is that they are nothing.
Discovering this is actually inevitable. - Some only discover it through the death of the body. Some rare ones discovery it prior to that dissolution.
Freedom is not caused. - It is.
No one attains freedom.
I am that nothing in which everything appears and disappears.
The true nature of mind is clear and empty.
There is no ‘entity’ here or there to ‘get it’.
Knowing that is freedom.
All this spiritual game is just kinder garden entertainment. - Those obsessed with spirituality
only find greed for knowledge and they are twisted into a grotesque shape leaning towards a non existant future. - Those obsessed with money find endless holes in their pocket. - Those obsessed with sex find momentary nothingness and endless itches and desire. - Those obsessed with food find themselves to be consumed by the food and end up looking like a pork pie.
Hey! - don't forget to have a giggle. - It is all for you. - I write all this for you. - There are no others.
Millions upon millions of dollars are donated every year to worthy causes and this eases the conscience of the giver. - A whole bunch of ineffective action fails to change the situation. Corruption is quick to take over when money passes hands.
The culprit is always self-centered-ness. - An invalid reference point called 'me'.
No one donates a penny to the only effective means of removing psychological suffering - the pure message of Non Duality.
It is all just the way it is.

Bob told me this one - The Definition of an expert: An 'ex' is 'a has been'. - A 'spurt' is 'a drip under pressure'!