Friday, August 11, 2006

1. Nothing to do? & 2. the Practice

1. So, our illustrious Non Duality Teacher says there is nothing you can do about this self realization.
What a useless teacher he is!
It leaves the ‘seeker’ feeling helpless and confused, does it not?
It reveals more about that helpless nature of that teacher than he would prefer to reveal.
Of course, in a certain way it is correct but the mind cannot make that leap of faith which he wants you to make. - The mind’s habitual beliefs must be deconstructed by an active investigation. - The self-centre will not vanish or lose its apparent power without a thorough testing of its nature. The 'me' plays its part in the first steps of investigation but the essence of it all is 'seeing'.
By asserting oneself as this self-centre ( and we are all familiar with that), the mind learns of its own limits and a realization penetrates those old beliefs and so that intelligence that one is, begins to shine through the whole belief system illuminating it for what it is.
So it is that I say, make a wholehearted investment of effort, as much as you can muster, take it to its limits. - Expand it all, exaggerate it.
- You ARE the conscious presence in which ALL the activity is taking place.
In this way, one comes to know the nature of all the content of mind, including that self-centre, called ‘me’.
Telling you that you can do nothing about self realization is The Way of a Wimp.
It only leads to being a stand up comic on a retirement plan scheme.
So, assign that teacher to the past.
- Take your own efforts to their limits and make this thorough investigation into the nature of self (and everything else).
- There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. - Your natural freedom must be actualized one way or another.
- Even though in essence, you are already free, as long as there is a belief that you are not free, one must actively challenge that very fixation, that erroneous belief that “I am not free”.

2. Mere words can ruffle up the most stern devotee.

The practice of non attachment is really ignorance parading as knowledge.
It is nothing but attachment to concepts and the idea that ‘I’, by ‘doing’, can alter the very nature of ‘things’. - When all along this identified form, this ‘entity’, the ‘doer’, ‘I’, is nothing more than just another ‘thing’ itself. - It is an appearance, a mere belief.
When the mind sets out to find silence or peace, it is already a disturbance in and on that which is never disturbed from its silent understanding.
Practice? - It is all a fiction and no result is possible because freedom is not a result that will arise from action or non action.
- It already IS.
Why do you not know this? – Is it only because you put your faith in another? - while all along this freedom is obvious. – Do you ignore that in preference to doing what that ‘special one’ says you should do? - If so, it is a bad compromise and most probably full of failed attempts and pretentious images and self evaluations. – Isn’t it all self-centered activity in spiritual garments?
I say without the slightest doubt, that a guru that promises liberation as a possible acquisition is a fraud. - When he or she promises ‘sudden enlightenment’ (in some tomorrow) via his or her influence and instructions, that my friend is nothing but ego talking.
Such teachers can only teach practices and methods because that is all they have.
They are no more than a regular yoga teacher with a few more fancy beads and a lot of pomp and circumstance. - They love to make a spectacle of themselves. - Red carpets and white limos sure smells of conceitedness, does it not.
In not directly pointing you to the fact of your immediate freedom and in addressing each one ‘personally’ in a thorough investigation of what prevents that realization, that deviation of your attention onto less pertinent factors, is the ignorant and fraudulent act of a fraudulent teacher.
There is NO excuse for such behavior.
For their own selfish purposes, they must engage your mind with some extraneous fruitless activities. - They plan all your activities to occupy your mind and so ensnare you in their trap.
They do not point you directly to your natural freedom because they do not know how to.
And that is only because they themselves have not realized freedom themselves.
They only do a good (actually bad) imitation of someone that is free.
Anyone with clear sight can see what they are up to.
So, that is what they teach – bad imitations of freedom.
They teach you how to punishing the body and mind with practices and methods which DON’T work! - and they can never work! - because freedom is not a reaction or result from any practice at all.
It already is.
These dummy gurus encourage the ignorant with praise and merit points, all designed to feed the egoistic appetite and spiritual self image, and that, they themselves are so familiar with.
And they take all the cream and leave you with the curd of dissatisfaction.
Strangely enough, it is all so very popular.
- It works like a dream!
- And it is a dream.